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  1. Default Road Trip - Vegas, Grand Canyon, LA, San Diego, SFO, Yosemite, San Jose in 9 days

    Hi folks -- We are a group of 5 - 4 adults (w/ 2 seniors) and a 8 month old traveling to West coast from NYC.

    We arrive at Las Vegas on 6/26 (around noon) and will be flying out of SFO on July 4th around 3 PM. Here is our plan so far...

    6/26 -- Vegas
    6/27 -- Grand Canyon, Hoover
    6/28 -- LA (Drive to San Diego) -- disney or universal?
    6/29 -- San Diego (Drive to LA)
    6/30 -- LA
    7/1 -- Drive to San Francisco
    7/2 -- Yosemite
    7/3 -- SJC (visit family)
    7/4 -- SJC (visit family in AM and drive to SFO)

    --- What are any potential issues/pitfalls based on the make up of our touring group and the plan above?

    --- Can I switch some of the places above to drive less and cover more?

    --- Any other pointers?

    Appreciate your help! Thanks in advance.

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    Default Routing ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums!

    I am not sure why you would head to LA to drive to SD and back again, you could miss driving through the urban sprawl as much and head for SD from GC and then to LA before heading up the coast. I am also unsure why you are driving all the way to SF and then directly to Yosemite when you are ending your trip in SF. One major pitfall is not really having anytime to enjoy the coast doing so. I would either head direct to Yosemite from LA and then to your family's and SF, or if you wanted to explore the coast a little stop around Monterey and then to Yosemite, family and SF.
    You will find a lot of info throughout the forums by using the search button but here are some of our favorites

    If you have any other questions just ask.

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    Default illogical

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The trip you've laid out doesn't make a lot of sense from a route perspective.

    First of all, you've got some very large distances that you seem to be underestimating. It is a half day drive from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, and then another very full day back to LA. So there is no way you could possibly visit Universal or Disney on the 28th.

    It would also make more sense to drive straight to San Diego first anyway, and then make your way back up the coast to LA, rather than backtracking. It also doesn't make any sense at all to drive from LA up to SF, and then backtrack again to Yosemite.

    You really need to take a closer look at your map, and take a second look at the plan you've got. You're trying to do a lot in a little time as it is, but if you work a more logical route, you might be able to get most of it in.

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    Thanks for the welcome and your messages. I figured adding San Diego was not a great idea. If we were to skip San Diego...what is the best route/trip you would recommend? TIA!

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    Default No one "best" route.

    By removing SD you wil free up some valuable time, but how you want to use it is really your decision. I would get the map out and use the previous routing suggestions to find what will work best for your group. I would personally use some of that extra time at the Grand canyon and perhaps stop on the way to LA instead of leaving GC early to make the long drive same day, and then decide whether to stop on the coast or have a little more time in Yosemite as well.

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