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    Hello everybody, I was thinking about planning a road trip for next summer and would like some feedback if possible. The trip i am planning will be 9 days from Orlando Florida to Washington DC. My goals on this trip are to go to six flags in Marietta Georgia, go on a hot air ballon ride in the Carolina's or Virginia while driving along Blue Ridge Mountain and spend about two full days in D.C. Once i am done i would like to head back to Miami.

    Day 1
    Orlando --> Atlanta/Marietta (400-500 miles) just stop to eat and relax

    Day 2
    Six Flags and spending the night in Marietta

    Day 3
    Marietta GA --> Blue Ridge somewhere in NC (about 270)

    take a break

    NC --> Virgina going through Blue RIdge still
    hot air ballon this day

    Day 4
    VA to DC

    Day 5
    stay in DC

    Day 6
    Stay in DC

    Day 7
    Check out of DC and start heading back home to Miami

    Day 8
    Drive with rest stops and spend night at hotel

    Day 9
    Drive --> JFK space center --> Miami at night

    THis is the little agenda i have thought up so far. I had the following questions

    1. Does anyone recommend anywhere to hot air ballon ride
    2. Does it seem like i will be driving to much and not rest enough
    3. Does anyone suggest any stops, i am not planning on camping or getting two hands on, i just plan on taking a scenic route to get to my places?
    4. Does this seem like enough time?

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    Actually, your proposed itinerary is quite sedate compared to some we se proposed here. You should have no problem completing it as you envision. I'm sorry I can't recommend a specific hot air balloon out fit in Virginia, but I will recommend that you continue to look. I took my one and only balloon ride in southeastern Pennsylvania and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's just amazing to be floating over the ground in at least occasional silence, and the landing can be an adventure. One place to check is at the welcome centers usually located on the Interstates as you enter a new state. These often have brochures from such operators, or perhaps the attendants will know of something. And to recommend anything else along the way, I'd need to know what your interests are/


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    Hello everybody. I am still planning this trip and this is what i got so far. I do have a few questions if anyone can help.

    Day 1
    Orlando --> South Carolina (will stop at Savannah GA for lunch and spend around 3 hours site seeing)

    Day 2
    South Carolina --> Washington D.C (stopping at lunch half way through the drive)

    Day 3
    Washington DC

    Day 4
    Washington DC

    Day 5
    Washington DC

    Day 6
    Start heading to skyline drive (starting to head back home)

    Day 7

    Day 8

    My question is that i would like to come back down to florida and see some of Skyline drive in VA and some of blue ridge maybe in the Carolina's but i dont want to see it all....what parts of each can i see on my way home to Florida? I can dedicate a few hours to each and maybe even a whole day.

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