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    Hi I'm from Scotland and am planning a 7 night road trip as part of my 3.5 week trip to the US in July/August -we are visiting friends in Tennessee and wanted to take in Washington DC as well. Any tips for other places to take in around these areas and/or for overnight stops as well? We have an 8 year old boy so nothing too long please! Also, our 'home base' is Tampa Florida and that is where we will be returning to. Thanks

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    It's probably a shade too far to get from Tennessee to Washington, DC in one day, unless you're starting out from the far northeastern corner of the state, so you should plan on spending a night somewhere in between but closer to Washington. Some very cute towns worth considering are Lexington, Charlottesville and Winchester. Major sights along the way include the Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah National Park. It will take two solid days of driving to get from Washington down to Tampa, with the midway point being around central South Carolina. That leaves you three days in Washington, or two days there and a more leisurely drive down to Tampa. If you decide to take more time on your drive south, I think that you should look into spending some time in Savannah, GA and perhaps a side trip to Charleston, SC. Besides the major stops I've suggested, here are some shorter stops along the highways in case your son needs some time out of the car.


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    Thanks AZBuck your suggestions are really helpful especially the short stops away from the highway which would allow us to see some of the 'real' America! We're not used to driving more than a few hours here in the UK so overnight stops will be good! Sure we'll be in for a great trip!
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    We have decided to extend our trip now from 7 to 12 nights as there are so many places and things to see and do!

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