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    So, some friends and I are going to Ohio to pick up a car. We don't have any money, as we're in college, but we have to bring the car back down to Florida. We think we've got everything else figured out, but if we decided to just sleep in our car, would there be any place where we could go to get a free shower in the mornings and brush our teeth and whatnot?

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    Okay, this summer, some friends and I are supposed to go pick up a car that we can't leave in Ohio any longer. We're going to drive from Ohio over to New York to stay with a friend there, then down the east coast, and back home to Florida.
    Keeping in mind our budget of nothing (Although, we were able to have our gas paid for, thankfully), any tips, suggestions, etc?
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    Default Nothing is free

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    While there are several places you can find a shower on the road - Truck Stops, Health Clubs, I've even stopped at a Laundromat that had public showers - however, expecting to get one for free is not realistic. All of those places will charge you money for a shower, usually at few dollars per person.

    From an economical standpoint, it often is cheaper to camp at a state park, where you might pay $15-20 for a site at a facility with showers. That also gives you a place to sleep, as trying to have multiple people sleep in a car during a roadtrip is just not a very realistic and viable option.

    Since "nothing" is not a viable budget, but cheap often is, how much money will you have available, and how long are you planning to be on the road?

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    My apologies. One topic was meant for the budget thing, while the other was meant for suggestions in general.
    Anyways, let's say we've got $50-100 a piece. What kinda stuff can we do with that?
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    Default not much

    Your budget and your trip planning go hand in hand, that's why your threads were merged together.

    $100 each doesn't get you very far, but it depends upon how long you are going to be on the road. It also depends upon how many people are going with you to divide up the costs.

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    With a budget of nothing, forget going via NYC. Drive straight through from OH to FL, sleep in the car in a truck stop, and forego showers. You can throw water in your face and brush your teeth in a truck stop bathroom. You should be able to make it in 2 days, switch off drivers every 3 hours.

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