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    Hello...Just signed up to this forum...Name is Ray....I will be leaving on the 12th of June to Fayetteville, North Carolina from Las Vegas, Nevada. Was wondering best route to take since this will be my first cross country trip. I wanna be able to follow Route 66 as far east as possible just cause ive always been enamoured with it. Honestly i havent planned it out too just goin with the flow and seeing where the road takes me...Any suggestions?

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    From Las Vegas to Fayetteville, it would be a simple matter to just take US-93 south to Kingman, AZ and I-40 east from there all the way to Memphis. At that point, US-78 provides a good connection to I-20 at Birmingham, AL which will take you to Columbia, SC and I-95. Once you are east of around Oklahoma City, there will usually be a US highway near or parallel to the main highways if you just want to go with the flow through some towns rather than just zip around them, and all you really need is a decent road atlas, available for a few bucks at most big-box stores like Walmart, Costco or the like.

    If you want some of the flavor of the old Route 66, then the longest and best stretch of the old road is available to you between Kingman and Ash fork, AZ through Peach Springs and Seligman.


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    If you would like to follow the routing of Historic 66 as far as possible without going too far out of your way, take US-95 south out of LV to I-40. Take that into AZ and get off in Topock and take the Topock-Oatman Highway (old 66) up into Oatman. From Oatman, go over Sitgreaves Pass and you will wind up in Kingman after a short stretch of I-40. When you get back on I-40 in Seligman, you will be following the routing, there are a lot of towns along the way that have a stretch of "Historic 66" off the Interstate. Take I-44 out of OKC to STL.

    To get to Fayetteville from STL, take I-64/I-57/I-24/I-40/US-421/NC-87/NC-24.

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