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    Hi. We are finally making the move from Chicago to Seattle with our two cats. We're leaving in a couple of weeks, planning on taking 90 all the way, and giving ourselves 5 days to get there. I'm looking for a little advice on where to stop and possibly a detour through Yellowstone.

    So far the plan is to leave Sunday morning and get as far as Sioux Falls, SD; Monday to Sheridan, WY, and then it gets murky. We need to be in Seattle by Thursday, so that gives us 3 days to get there from Sheridan. We probably have some time to spare and were thinking of taking a detour through Yellowstone. Since we'll have the two cats with us, we can't really get out of the car much. Is it worth it? What road should we take? Where should we plan on spending the two nights before getting to Seattle? We were thinking maybe West Yellowstone and Missoula or Spokane.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    As per our recommendation of about 550 miles a day, Sioux Falls and Sheridan are logical overnights. Now, you would have 2 days to make it from Sheridan to Butte in order to make it into Seattle on the 5th night. Ideally, stay in the park on the 3rd night - this will give you an afternoon and a morning in the park. Pets are allowed in the cabins in the park, but not the hotels, and reservations are essential.

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    Thanks for the tip. The lodges do allow pets, but they cannot be left unattended. If we have the cats with us during the day, we can't really get out of the car, but would have to see Yellowstone basically from the road. Would you still recommend it?

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    Don't you have car carriers for the cats? I would consider those essential anyway. I don't see where it would be harmful leaving the cats in carriers inside a well-ventilated car for short periods. I suppose it would all depend on the weather.

    If you want to see Yellowstone, and only have an afternoon and morning to do it, most of it is going to be driving anyway. Just don't let the cats stop you from short out of car excursions.

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    Default I agree with glc

    Further, why not take the cats with you on short walks. You can buy soft-sided cat carriers like these that would be easy to carry around so you don't have to worry about the cats getting too hot in the car.

    However, I'm not sure I've ever owned a cat that wouldn't claw the heck out of me to get out of the Pouch Carrier or Pet Pocket. Unless your cats are incredibly docile, I'd sure avoid those!

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