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    Default Long-distance dream trip

    For years I've dreamed about driving up to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in the Arctic Circle and back. I've mapped it, looked at waypoints, and tried to figure out how best to do it. It is my biggest dream trip, and I imagine it'd be my wife's biggest nightmare trip.

    What is your dream trip? Do you ever think you'll be able to realize it? What preparations are you making (if you think you will)?

    Here's what mine would look like:

    Drive up I-5 from the greater Los Angeles area through all of California, Oregon, and Washington and up Scenic Route 9 (about 1,250 miles).

    Follow Highway 11 to the Trans-Canada Hwy 1 to Hope (about 170 miles).

    Take Highway 97 north about 274 miles through Williams Lake and Quesnel to Prince George.

    Take the Yellowhead Hwy (TC-16) west about 139 miles to Burns Lake. Go about 45 miles on Hwy 35 and Colleymount Rd to get to Noralee (first waypoint).

    Take Colleymount, Owen Lake, and Morice River Rds about 50 miles to get back to TC-16. Turn left and follow TC-16 through Houston, Smithers, and New Hazelton to Kitwanga.

    Turn right on Stewart-Cassiar Highway (Hwy 37) and head north about 97 miles.

    Turn left on Hwy 37A and drive about 40 miles through Stewart to Hyder (the southernmost land-accessible town/village in Alaska; this is waypoint #2).

    Return on 37A about 40 miles and follow Hwy 37 north about 352 miles to Highway 1 (Alcan Hwy). Turn left and drive about 983 miles to AK-11 (Dalton Hwy). Head north about 487 miles.

    The return trip would be a bit shorter by heading back via Dawson Creek, BC instead of the Hyder detour. All in all it would be about 8,000 miles.

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    Did you see that this season's Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel has moved to the Dalton?

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    Default Dreaming of the day.............

    When I could hit the road for 2-3 months with an RV and a car in tow, without a plan or a care in the world. Being from the UK it would most likely be a European adventure but would much sooner it be in the USA.

    Yeah like that's gonna happen, Wakey, wakey, reality check !

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    Default That's a great roadtrip dream!

    I would love to go there myself, and the rest of the world. I really can't nail it down to one dream trip or location. The world is too full of fascination for that. I suppose, if I had to choose, it would be a cruise to Antartica where I could actually step foot on the continent and maybe a short trek in. Possibly following some of the footsteps of one of my heroes, Roald Amundsen.

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