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    Hello to everyone,

    I'm planning on driving down from Toronto to Miami Beach in 3 weeks.

    Anyone here ever drive down to Florida? What is the best route to take? Are there any scenic routes which will not extend my driving time? What are the nicest cities and places to visit on the way down, not too far off the main freeway? Will I get hassled at the border?

    Anyone from Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Columbia, Jacksonville, Carolina, etc any cities enroute..? Any hot spots to drop by and visit close off the main freeway? I wouldn't mind checking out a nice nightclub or pub at night as well.

    Also, this is my first roadtrip. Any general advise and money saving techniques would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.

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    How many days do you have to make the drive?

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    I was estimating 3-4 days each way, depending on how long the visiting on the way will be. I have about 15 days for the entire trip and would like to stay in Miami for approx 7 days.


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    It's going to take you 3 days each way to drive it via the most direct route without much chance for stops. The overnights would be around Charleston, WV and Savannah, GA, and you will be driving about 10 hours a day.

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