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    I have never been on a road trip before. The first week in Aug.the 2-9th I am driving from Rochester, NY with 3 of my friends to Tempe, AZ to help move one of them there. We will fly home from AZ. Any suggestions on where to stop? What to see? Where to eat? What’s not to miss? Any suggestions on fun games to play in the car/how to keep busy in the car? Any suggestions are great!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Well it's a recommended four and a half to five day drive so you will have some time for a bit of sight seeing, but what sort of things interest you all ? It's certainly an opportunity to explore a bit of the West and the Grand canyon instantly springs to mind. You could take I-80/ I-70 through Denver and drop down through Moab and Arches NP and take a drive through Monument valley to the South rim of the Grand canyon or you could come through St Louis and Oky by way of I-44/40 or even head further South through Nashville and Memphis. Have a look at the map and see what appeals to you, what your preferred route is and we can help you "fine tune" it rather than us telling you where to go.
    For me, a nice road trip CD with some decent tunes and the passing scenery is enough to keep me happy.

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    Default Entertainment?

    I agree with Dave. It can be interesting to listen to local radio, too.

    I like it when someone reads information from guidebooks, brochures, etc., about places we're seeing along the way. The history, geologic info, etc.

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    Whenever we stop at a rest stop, travel plaza type place I always pick up some of the free area brochures. There are ones for the town you are in, the county, state, etc. and are fun to browse through while in the car. Also listening to local radio is fun. You can also play games like 25 questions or just tell stories like you are around a camp fire. If you have the time go to Sedona in Arizona too.

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    Default Where to eat

    Where to eat can be best provided by advice that all road trippers should heed: ask a local. You'll have better luck in the larger towns along the way.

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    I am going on a road trip this summer and the last leg of it is from Vegas to Tempe, AZ. We wanted to make a pit stop at the Grand Caynon for an hour or two and wanted to know the fastest way to get there from Vegas?? Also where in the Grand Caynon is the clostest to Vegas?
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    Default only option

    If you look at a map, you'll see there really aren't a lot of choice - as in you really only have one choice.

    The south rim is the side that would be on your way, and the straightforward way is to take US-93 across the Hoover Dam to I-40, take that to Williams, and then go north on AZ-64 from there.

    You should know that you will be looking at least 10 hours of driving to make the trip from Vegas to Tempe via the Grand Canyon, and when you factor in time to get into the park, etc, an hour or two at the canyon will be all the time you have during what will be a very long day


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