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  1. Default denver heading east to mn

    ok so i got me and my best friend and we neeed ideas to do along this trip to stay entertained meaning crazy off the wall stuff to do while going east on i-70 till i get to iowa then north to duluth mn
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    Default Define crazy

    You mean like rock-climbing. I think that's crazy. Or finding the biggest ball of twine? Or doing stupid stuff while driving? The last is NOT suggested but we can point you toward the others if we could get a better handle on what you want to do and how much time you have for the trip.

    And you don't need to take I-70 is, for some reason, this stretch of road doesn't thrill you enough.
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  3. Default crazy as in

    ok so yea neither of your examples but liek fun places maybe to stop along i 70 or entertaining games maybe or i gues anything that would be fun along i-70 from denver to des moines really anything at all to make our trip better the time frame is to get to mn has quickley as possible but the drive i know is boring so anything at all like getting a cb radio and playing around stuff like that

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    How old are you?

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    Default to consider

    A couple things you may want to consider.

    First, I-70 won't take you to Des Moines, I imagine you'll want to follow I-80.

    Second, the only reason the trip will be boring is if you decide on your own in advance that it will be boring.

    Otherwise, you have to decide for yourself what is fun, because we can't read your mind. Best of luck in your trip.

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