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    Hi All,
    I'm soon to be traveling the West Coast; San Francisco, Las Vegas, LA and San Diego.
    I'm hoping to rent a car but I imagine my budget will be too tight for this (I've already been traveling for 3 months and have another 2 to go!) so I'm more likely to be using ride-shares and public transport. I appreciate this doesn't conform to this site/forum completely but please hear me out!

    As I have to end up in LA (this is where my departing flight is from) and start from San Francisco, is there a recommended order for doing these cities?
    Are there routes that are more available via ride-shares or will be cheaper on public transport? For example;

    San Fran - Las Vegas - San Diego - LA
    San Fran - LA - Las Vegas - San Diego - LA?

    I hope I've made this question clear! I'll try and explain some more if not!

    Thanks very much,

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    Default not great options

    Welcome Back to the RTA Forum!

    There really isn't a lot of great options for you. The US in general isn't a great place to try and get around without a car, but the LA area certainly is among the worst.

    San Diego and San Francisco both have reasonably good mass transit within the city. Los Angeles does have some bus and subway options, but it can really be a maze to work through and it really could take hours to get across town.

    Your best bet for getting between cities might be Amtrak, where at least a portion of the route stays near the Coast and it would be faster and more comfortable than trying to go by bus. It also can be very cheap to fly from LA to SF, and it is possible that would even be your cheapest option if cities are your main priority.

    Adding Vegas adds another place that you have to find transportation to, so that will bring up your costs, and there is no passenger train service available for that trip. However, this is another case where often you can fly between LA and Vegas for well under $100 one way.

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