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  1. Default Traveling from Las Vegas to Bozeman - route recommendations needed

    My first post.

    We are taking a family vacation in Bozeman, MT and are planning on doing a bit of California the week before.

    Our trek from CA will take us to Las Vegas and from there we will be traveling to Bozeman.

    We will have 3-4 days to make the trip from Vegas to Bozeman and are looking for ideas on routes (most scenic preferred), lodging (the nicer the better) and attractions. We are from the east coast and have not seen any of this part of the country, so we want to make the best of our time.

    Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions.

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    Default Sometimes the Shortest is the Best

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America forums!

    And that certainly seems to the case here. The most direct route from Las Vegas to Bozeman is basically to just head north on I-15 into Idaho and then take a few US routes to Bozeman. I-15 will take you right by Zion National Park, within short detour range of Bryce Canyon, through Salt lake City, and all of it will be quite scenic. At Idaho Falls, you would then take US-20 up to West Yellowstone, MT and use that as your base for a quick tour of Yellowstone National Park. From there, US-191 would take you directly to Bozeman. For overnight stops, I'd recommend Salt Lake City and West Yellowstone, both of which have many lodging options and things to see and do.


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    Default That's a lot of time to consider........

    ......some scenic loops and hi-luxe accomodations.

    Hello gcforce,

    With that kind of time available to travel from Vegas to Bozeman, here are some suggestions for your consideration:

    Vegas to the Provo/Salt Lake City (SLC) area right up I-15. Along the eastern base of the Wasatch Range is Robert Redford's Sundance Resort, a year-round hi-luxe destination near Heber City. One can reach Sundance via US 189 out of Provo-Orem, transecting the Wasatch Range via Provo Canyon ( a beautiful drive in and of itself) or go a bit farther up I-15 to American Fork and take the "Alpine Loop" over the crest of the range to Sundance, which lies along the Alpine Loop's pathway not far off of US 189. An alternative would be to select from a wide, wide variety of nice accomodations in Park City, UT. Park City lies near I-80 some 30 miles east of, and 3,000' above, SLC. I like SLC just fine, but it's a densely populated urban basin and often has air quality issues. For overnighting, leisurely downtown strolling, and fine dining, Park City is tough to beat. You can get there either up Provo Canyon, 30 minutes past Sundance and Heber City along US 40, or by keeping on I-15 to I-215 in the SLC basin, thence I-80 east and UT 224 south to Park City. Whether Sundance or Park City, you're looking at something just over 400 miles from Vegas.

    The next day, I'd head out US 40 east to Vernal, UT, thence US 191 up past Flaming Gorge Dam at Dutch John, UT. You might even be able to book a 1/2 day raft trip down the Green River starting at the Dam. No whitewater, just crystal clear water full of trout (and fishermen and rafters). It's a beautiful canyon. Staying north on US 191 will have you on the plateau all the way to Jackson, WY (often erroneously referred to as Jackson Hole, WY--the town is Jackson, the valley is Jackson Hole). Again, there is no shortage of hi-luxe accomodations and dining in the vicinity of Jackson.

    From Jackson, you can spend a day passing by and through the Tetons and Yellowstone enroute to West Yellowstone, MT and US 191 on up to Bozeman. If visiting one or the other is part of the plan for your time in Bozeman, head west out of Jackson on WY 22, connecting to ID(?) 32 to US 20 at Rexburg, ID. On that route, you'll branch off on ID 87, pass by Henry's Lake, and cross into MT, joining US 287, which you'll keep to MT 84 east to Bozeman. Consider the short eastward jog from the 87-287 junction to Quake Lake, where a number of amazing exhibits pertaining to the 1959 (?) earthquake and landslide which created the lake are situated. You can actually continue past there to US 191 and thence on up to Bozeman, or double back US 287 and north to MT 84.

    Any portion or all of the above will bring you and your family through some pretty amazing high desert, plateau, canyons, and forested mountain scenery as you travel from Vegas to Bozeman.

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip!


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    Thanks so very much for responding with such detail !

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