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    We are arriving in Phoenix Sept 5th lunchtime and collecting rental car. The plan at the moment is, Saturday drive to Sedona stopping on way to see some sights. O/Night Sedona. Sunday Look around Sedona then drive to Monument Valley and stay overnight. Monday do a tour of Monument Valley in the morning then drive to Grand Canyon and stay overnight. Tuesday, Day in Grand Canyon then drive to Peach Springs stay overnight. Wednesday drive to Hoover Dam then onto Las Vegas overnight. Thursday leave for LV airport. I know this seems a lot in a short space of time, is it possible without being silly. Any help appreciated.

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    Default that will work

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've got a pretty quick trip planned, but I don't see anything that's too difficult or unreasonable. I'd say the biggest thing you should keep in mind is that if you are coming off of a long flight where you'll be dealing with some jetlag that your first day could end up feeling very long. And you might want to spend 2 nights at the Grand Canyon just so you have a full day to enjoy the area. You could still make it to Vegas via the Dam quite easily the following day.

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    Thank you for the welcome, I'm hoping we won't be too tired travelling from Toronto to Phoenix, the reason I've only planned 1 day in the canyon apart from a time thing, is that we have been to Fish River Canyon in South Africa, which is supposed to be the next biggest to the Grand canyon, a whistle stop tour I know, but could be a taster for future trips if it can be done without too much hasle

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    Default Never heard of Fish River Canyon

    I googled some photos!...yes, it looks a lot like the Grand Canyon.

    I think it would be interesting to have you return after your trip and do a compare/contrast of the two canyons.

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    Default Great drive.

    You will approach the canyon through the East entrance on the 64 which is the Desert view drive. With an early start in MV you should be able to arrive just after lunch and explore the many viewpoints along the way, your first will be of wide open views from the Old watchtower as the Colorado makes it's way towards the canyon. This will give you the chance to sit in awe of the sunset from Mather or Yavapai point as you approach the village area. The following morning ride the shuttle bus up to Hermits rest, hopping on and of at the viewpoints as you go. This will give you max coverage with the little time you have here. On the way to Sedona you might want to check out Red rock state park if you have the time. [Of to google Fish river canyon] ;-)

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    Thank you for your replies, I was going to ask which sights were worth stopping for and which to pass by. Is it worth doing a detour to Jerome and from Sedona should I go to the petrified forest on route to MV or would this take too long

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    Default Only you can decide !

    Most of the sights in this area are "worth it" but you have to decide which one's appeal to you the most, and whether you want to "squeeze" them into your trip. If you felt fresh enough you could visit Jerome from Phoenix, and Yes the Petrifed forest is a possibility and it will also take you past Canyon De Chelley, but you are most likely looking at 7-8 hours of driving with short stops, plus any time spent at these places. You have places to be each night so it's probably best just to see how you feel each day and take it from there.
    So much to see, so little time ! [We all face the same situation, there is never enough time Lol! ]

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    Thanks for that, I think your right

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