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    Can anyone recommend a good road map which either covers the whole of the USA or just the West? I'm going on a road trip around California, Utah and Nevada in July and need a good road map which shows every street in the cities as well as quite remote areas. Is it better to get a normal road map then get hold of detailed maps for each city?

    I'm in the UK so would need to be able to get hold of it over here.


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    Default we've got that

    If you look over in the planning section of this website, you'll find an entire page dedicated to map recommendations.

    Generally speaking, a regular atlas will be fine for everyday average travel. This is what I use for most of my long haul roadtrips. If you are planning to get off the beaten path in rural areas, a Benchmark or DeLorme style atlas/gazetteer can be a good help. And if you really need a map that shows every street in a city (including residential streets, not just the main roads) then you probably will need to get a city specific map.

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