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    How do i know how much money i need for trip from texas to mass in the winter?

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    I have never been out of texas. My husband and i are going to see our grand babies in worcester,mass. How do i know how much money i need to save for the trip? I have been reading your stories and they have really helped, but.. Ball park figure on the money. Reading up i found that it will take about 30 hours. We want to start on a saturday at 6am. But i don't know how to divide the trip up to beable to rest.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Firstly answer some questions ! How are you going to get there ? How long will you take? Do you need a car rental? Do you have your own car, how many mpg? What sort of accommodation will you need? How many are going/sharing the cost ? How will you eat ?
    Once you have answered some of these questions you can get the calculator out and do a little research to get some idea as to the cost, other than that I can't see how we can help with a lack of info to work with.

    From Dallas to Worcester by road is approx 1730 miles which would be a recommended 3 day drive, putting you on the road for 9-10 hours a day with short stops for food, gas and bathroom breaks and a stretch of the legs.
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    Is there a web site i can go to concerning the calculator?

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    Default A start.

    Hi, you are welcome.

    You can use the Gas cost calculator here on RTA. Motels should be found for around $60-70 a night and then add your food costs. And here is a good thread with a link to budgeting and eating out of the cooler.

    Hopefully that will help get you started.

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    Ballpark? $1000 for the round trip, including gas, meals, and hotels. This is making each way a 3 day trip staying in hotels with free breakfasts, fast food lunches, reasonably priced restaurant dinners, and a car that gets no worse than 20 mpg and gas under $3 a gallon. If all you want to do is visit your family, flying may be cheaper. Round trip air from Dallas or Houston to the Boston area or Hartford can be had for under $300 each person with advance purchase.

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    Default Yup, flying would be cheaper

    However, if you've never been out of Texas before, I think it would be a shame to miss this chance to have a wonderful roadtrip. Do you have the time to take a week each direction? At least 5 days each way? If so, you can spend some time exploring and maybe even make a detour or two to places that interest you.

    How else can we help you plan a wonderful first roadtrip?

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