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  1. Default Honeymoon, help please!

    Hi, we've already found this forum so useful thanks! We would really appreciate some more help with planning our honeymoon to USA this August.

    We have found an itinerary that starts and ends in Denver and takes two weeks to go from Denver > Cheyenne > Cody > Yellowstone (2 days) > Jackson Hole > Salt Lake City > Bryce Canyon > Lake Powell > Flagstaff > Monument Valley (via Canyon de chelly) > Durango > Colorado Springs > Denver

    Our questions are;
    1) Is this length of journey feasible? The itinerary quotes between 150 and 300 miles each day, which seems to include detours for sightseeing.
    2) Would it be enjoyable or just too much travelling compared to seeing and appreciating the sights?
    3) Are there any particular sights on this route that would be a shame to miss?

    P.S. we're looking at booking through, has anybody used or know of these?

    Any help on any of these points really appreciated!

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    Default personal

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Personally, I never really like prepacked roadtrip itineraries. It makes the assumption that a roadtrip is just a series of places you go and you can build a one sized fits all option.

    The basic outline that is in front of you is fine. But if it were me, I would take the options that they are giving you, but then work it around your interests. While its not an overly stressful plan, since this is a honeymoon, you might want to just have a few days where you stay in one place.

    I'm not familiar with the company that your looking at, but they might be ok. They really just seem like they would do a little bit of the work, like booking your car and motels for you. However, I'd be willing to be that you could probably save some money and get a more meaningful trip if you did those pretty easy and basic steps yourself.

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    Thanks for your quick and helpful reply! We are thinking of putting in an extra couple of nights at Yellowstone and maybe in the South as well to allow some more relaxing days. We are just looking now to try and adapt the route and book the hotels ourselves. It is taking us a long time, especially since we don't know the area at all and are quite daunted by the big distances in America! (We are from tiny UK!) But we want to see as much as we can, especially wanting to see Yellowstone to the North as well as the southern Canyons and National parks.

    How many hours a day do people tend to drive on road trips? From Google maps it seems that we would be driving a good 6 hours a day, is this sustainable for a 2 week holiday?

    Thanks again!

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    Default Do it yourself!

    I'm glad to hearing you're looking at creating your own itinerary as I'm not seeing the value of the pre-planned one. There are some good stops on it but others are quite questionable.

    For example, no reason to go to Salt Lake City unless you want to visit it to check out the Mormon temples or some other specific reason. Also, no reason to go to Flagstaff unless the city itself intrigues you.

    I played around with your itinerary, tweaking it a bit to make it the way I would do it if it were me and came up with this. The route is 2350 miles. We recommend adding about 20% more to the total miles to allow for leaving the road for food, lodging, sightseeing, etc. If you travelled for 12 days, with 2 days for staying over in great places like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, this would have you averaging about 236 miles a day. This is very easy to do.

    We actually recommend that people limit their driving on multi-day roadtrips to about 500 miles per day. Now, that is the maximum recommendation so you're well under half of that. Again, it's pretty easy and will give you a lot of time to explore out of the car.

    Obviously, you're not going to drive those same miles every day so you'll be alternating some days with more driving. I imagine the leg from Denver to Cody would be one of those. The day from Yellowstone to Bryce Canyon would be another. This will give you a nice mix of longer driving days and shorter ones so you won't feel stuck in the car.

    As for lodging, you will obviously want to book lodging at the national parks, especially Grand Canyon and Yellowstone as soon as possible. But there are other points in your trip where you could just pull over when you get tired. Finding hotels shouldn't be much of a problem.

    Of course, I'm not saying you have to do the route I created but, hopefully, it gives you some ideas.

    Oh, by the way, after Durango the route I created has you going through some fantastic scenery through and along the backbone of the Rockies. Very scenic.

    Keep asking questions and we'll help you as much as we can.

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    Thanks so much! Really helpful advice. We are very keen to see your suggested route but when I click I'm just seeing a Google map of the whole USA, am I doing something wrong?

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    Default That's odd.

    Trying again. Go here. Note that I also added a stop at Zion National Park.

    ETA - I tested and it works for me so, hopefully, it will work for you this time, too.
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    The scroll wheel on your mouse will zoom the map in and out, and the map itself can be dragged around with the mouse.

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    Default Broken map

    Yeah, but the first link really was a blank map of the US with no routing. I think I might have had more than one window open to Googlemaps and copied the link to a blank one.

    The second link works though.

  9. Default Great route!

    Thanks PNW Judy! Really useful to see it all on the map and your suggestions make for a really good circuit! We are thinking that Yellowstone to Bryce in one day is a bit too long drive for us (Google suggests 11.5 hours) so think we will call in to Salt Lake City for a night since we drive so close.

    We know that we need to book accomodation in advance around Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Should the other stops be ok for just booking a few hours ahead by phone/internet as long as we're happy to be in roadside accomodation and are in between the major attractions?

    Thanks again!

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    Default Reservations

    If you're not in or very near a national park, you shouldn't have much problem finding hotels. Unless there is a festival or some other major event going on. And it's difficult to predict those without many hours research. Most of us here only bother with reservations at/near the major parks and wing it the rest of the time. You might not get the cheapest deal that way as the less expensive lodging often gets taken first. But you should be able to find something without calling ahead or going on the internet to do so.

    There's really no need to go into SLC. Springville/Provo/Spanish Fork would be a good half-way points if you want to break the drive into two relatively-even days. Or just wing it and get lodging near Nephi or Fillmore if you want to drive on a little farther. It would be handy to get a list of hotels in those areas so you could call ahead if you felt more comfortable doing so but I'm guessing it wouldn't be too hard to find a vacancy by driving up.

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