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    18 y/o girl. Do you think my 93' car can handle it and not break down? That's the only thing I'm worried about. Any other advice/hint about road tripping is appreciated.

    --las vegas
    --salt lake city
    --fort collins
    --des moines
    --kansas city
    --colorado springs

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    Default thats between you and your mechanic

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There simply is no way that anyone on a forum can tell you if a car that they haven't seen nor do they know anything about other than its age can handle a major road trip. That's something you really have to find out through a very complete examination by a mechanic.

    I will say that when you're looking at a car thats more than 15 years old, I would be fairly concerned about its ability. If its been very well maintained, then it could be up for the trip, but there are a lot of potential parts that are simply going to wear out at that age. Even if your mechanic says the car is in good shape, you need to have a significant backup fund to pay for a major repair or to find another mode of transportation in case the worst happens.

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    Default National parks ?

    Hi there,
    Michael has summed that on up nicely, but if there is anything else in particular we can help you with regarding your trip, let us know. You have a great amount of time to do your trip and there is a lot to see. If nature and scenic wonders are your thing then you will be going past some amazing National parks in AZ,Utah and Colorado. If you plan on visiting a few, well 4 or more anyway, then the Annual pass for $80 is good value and would save you money. Accommodations get booked up early in the summer months in and around the parks so you might want to take that into consideration.

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    Default Roadside assistance

    It would be worth it to invest in some kind of roadside assistance program. AAA is just one of many. Since you'll be traveling in some remote areas, you'll want something like AAA-Plus that gives you "free" towing for a lot more miles.

    I'm no mechanic but I think the miles on the car is a factor, too, in addition to the maintenance record. It's very possible you'll make your trip in your car just fine with no problem but Michael's advice of a back-up plan and funds is good.

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