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    My nephew is competing in the US Rowing Youth National Championship competition in Cincinnati, OH on June 12.
    The whole family is planning to cheer for him and his club, the NYRA.
    Some of us are arriving from overseas, so we must scoot over on June 11.
    After the competition, we would like to make a road tour back to NYC. We might be renting an RV. We only have a week for this roadtrip. Are there any suggestions on how to plan the return?
    We're interested in the Amish Community. Also:
    Passengers: 5 adults love botanical gardens and 19th century castles/landmarks. 2 17 year olds, a boy and a girl (the boy is the "rower"!), a 12 year old boy and 2 dogs! Is Hersheys, Pennsylvania far off the track?? Nicholasville, Kentucky??... a good friend lives there.
    ALL suggestions greatly appreciated!
    Celeste, from Argentina... soon to be in NYC!

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    Bienvenido al bordo RoadTrip América foros! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Pretty much everything you ask about is possible in 4 days from Cincinnati to New York. And several other things can be fit in as well. The usual thing we suggest for planning a route is to just get out a map and mark the places you'd like to see and start connecting the dots. Once you've got the main things you want to see and a line between them, start looking for what else is on the way. I did the first part of that (You should as well) and find that you should first head south from Cincinnati to Nicholasville, basically on I-75 to Lexington and then US-27. Then I'd suggest I-64 west. We don't have any castles in this country, but Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, outside Charlottesville, VA is as close as we come to an 18th century palace. From there you can use some combination of I-81 and the Blue Ridge Parkway up to Pennsylvania with side trips to either Shenandoah National Park or Washington, DC as a possibility. Hershey and Amish country are in the same area, so I'd suggest going to Hershey Park and then working your way southeast on back roads such as PA-772, PA-340, PA-896, PA-472, and others towards Oxford, PA and just slow down and keep your eyes open. The Amish are a very private people and do not trade on their notoriety, so there's no place to 'see' them other than to travel at their pace through their neighborhood. Keep an eye out for well kept farms that are not attached to the power lines, and watch out for their one horsepower vehicles. Also in southeastern Pennsylvania is Longwood Gardens, one of the premier botanical gardens in the U.S. and well worth a visit since you're interested, and just across the state line in Delaware is Winterthur which is renowned both for its gardens and its excellent collection of period furniture. From this general area, just head for I-95 which will take you up to New York. You can do all of that in about 1,000 miles (or about 2 days) of driving, leaving 2 days worth of time to enjoy the places you're driving to.


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    Thanks so much!!!
    Your suggestions look promising!

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