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  1. Default First road trip ever!

    I'm new to this forum and I'm glad I found it!

    The first two and a half weeks in September we decided to go on a road trip from Calgary to Los Angeles. We have 8 nights booked in California and we'd like to stop in Vegas on the way there and the way back.

    I have never been on a road trip in my entire life. My husband has and can't wait to do this one and I'm pretty excited to go on a non-flying vacation for the first time ever!

    Does anyone know anything about this route? How long it will realistically take us? Any tips? Also, is it possible to go through the night and make it non-stop from Calgary to Vegas? Ideally we'd like to drive non-stop from Calgary to Vegas (stopping to eat, get gas, stretch legs, bathroom, etc. of course), spend two nights there and then head to LA. On the way home we have a slightly different route planned out where we'll go to the Grand Canyon. We're not too worried about how long it'll take us to get home. We're in our early/mid 20's.

    Any insight would be great!

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    No, a nonstop from Calgary to LV is not realistic at all, and very unsafe unless you have 4 drivers and a car that's comfortable for 2 people to sleep in while on the road, and keep 2 people awake at all times. It's 1300 miles which will take you at least 24 hours. The best you can do is 2 VERY long days - 12+ hours each day, with a stop in Idaho Falls. LV to LA is a easy 5 hour drive.

    A more realistic trip would be to stop in LV only on the way back if you have a hard depart time from Calgary and LA reservations locked in. Calgary to LA is a reasonable 3 day drive - stops in Butte and somewhere between Provo and St. George. This will be 10+ hours a day with basic stops.

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    Default I like Helena

    Butte would work but for what it's worth; I like Last Chance Gulch in Helena (state capitol) more than the Berkeley Pit in Butte. Butte is about an hour past Helena.

    With a stop in SLC you have three legs each between 6 and 7 hours.

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    That would be 3 days between Calgary and LV - which I don't think this person wants to do. My 3 day recommendation was for Calgary to LA and they are going to have to get past Helena to stay on track and SLC to LA in one day is a rough one.

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