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    We will be in Park City, Utah late June for a family reunion. Will have four to five days to get back home to St. Louis, MO. We would like to go down to Southern Utah and then across to southern Colorado and then home. We have been to Denver would like to see southern colorado. Is there a good route for this and am I allowing enough time? Thanks for any suggestions. Almost forgot, we will be in Park City for four days, what can we see within a days drive (there and back). Thanks again.

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    I would recommend you plan your southern Utah route to finish up in Monument Valley. Take 163 into Kayenta, AZ and then 160 past 4 Corners to Cortez. Stay on 160, you will go right past Mesa Verde. Spend a little time in Durango, then take 160 to Walsenburg, then 10 to 50. Highway 400 begins just before you get to Kansas, take that all the way to the end, this will put you on I-44 at the KS/OK/MO border.

    Another option from Durango is head north on 550 (Million Dollar Highway) to Montrose, then 50 all the way to 400. This way will take you through Gunnison and Pueblo.

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    There is always more than one route between any two points, and the freedom to choose any that you want and suits your needs is what makes RoadTripping such an individual activity. With 4 days to get from Park City to Denver, one 'alternate' route that should work for you is US-6 southeast to Green River, UT, a short jog east on I-70 to US-191 south (taking you by Arches National Park) to Monticello where you'd take US-666 southeast to Cortez, CO and US-160 east. This will take you past Mesa Verde National Park, over Wolf Creek Pass, and bring you out to Walsenburg, CO. Continue with US-160 as it duplexes with I-25 south and then heads east again into Kansas, and pick up US-56 to Dodge City. US-400 will connect you to US-54 through Wichita from whence I-35/I-70 will get you home. At just over 1,500 miles that would take you about 3 days of driving leaving you a day's worth of time to spend at the sites along the way.


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    I agree, there are several ways to tour southern Utah and wind up in Cortez. I do have to point out that US-666 no longer exists, it's now US-491.

    The best way from Walsenburg to Wichita is CO-10 to US-50 to US-400. Taking I-25 to 160 to 56 is considerably longer. From Wichita to STL, yes, I-35 and I-70 is about an hour faster than taking 400 to Joplin then up I-44, but it's a toll road through Kansas.

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    We've had a change in plans. Is it realistic to leave Park City, Utah on a Saturday morning, drive south through Utah, see some of the parks, cross over into Arizona, do the Grand Canyon for a day, then head across Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Missouri and end up in St. Louis on a Wednesday evening?
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    I'm not so sure about doing "some of the parks" but if you left early Sat morn you could stop at Springdale for Zion NP and then continue to Grand canyon [South rim ?] through Page next day. That would give you a few hours to drive along Desert view drive [64] and take in various viewpoints, the first one being the famous Old watchtower and then leave the following day mid/late morning for a long drive [1450 miles] on I-40/44 for the next 2.5 + days.

    [The North rim of the GC is closer to Zion and an option if you wanted to drive through Monument valley and down to Albuquerque.]

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