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    me and some friends are planning to take a roadtrip from crawfordsville, indiana (respectively indianapolis), to california. our plan is to go from indiana down to nashville and memphis, then further down to new orleans and from there all the way to las vegas, los angeles and maybe san diego. now here´s my question: how long do you think this will take us, considering that we want to spend a certain time at nashville/memphis, new orleans, las vegas (including the grand canyon) and of course los angeles/san diego? since we are going to be several persons we think we can drive a good 7 to 8 (mybe more) hours per day...

    hopefully i´m not confusing anybody english is not the best and i don´t really know how to explain myself correctly! furthermore at the moment we are just planning this trip and the route i am wrtiting about is just a loose idea of what we are trying to cover on this trip...

    greetings from austria and thank you for your suggestions...

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    A good rule of thumb is that a full day on the road will be about 500 miles. That works out to about 8 hours of travel on the interstate. Its a very sustainable distance for a long roadtrip, and leaves time for some short stops to explore and get a break from the road each day.

    The route you've outlined is about 3000 miles, so you'd be looking at 5-6 days of pure driving. You'll then need to add in however much time you want to spend in each of the cities and locations you've listed.

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    thanks a lot for your help!

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    Default How else can we help?

    Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help you plan a terrific roadtrip!

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    i´m sure there will be a lot of questions coming up but for the moment we first got to plan our exact route and decide what we want to see...but thanks anyway :)

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