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  1. Default San Fran to Denver and back...with Dogs...

    I am an Aussie driving to Denver from San Fran - planning on 3 days each way...a week or so in between with two dogs and would love some recommendations on where I should stop for the two overnights each way. Planning on first two days being around 500-600 miles, the remainder on the final day. Ideas? Thank you

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    I just found this site which has listings of pet-friendly hotel chains in the US. They are listed by chain, then by state with each property's pet policy.

    I'd guess the best places to look would be Elko, NV and Rawlins, WY. If you don't mind driving 12 hours a day, you could do it in 2 days with a stop in Salt Lake City.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You actually have a choice of routes between San Francisco and Denver. There's the straightforward I-80 to Cheyenne and I-25 to Denver 1261 miles) and the only slightly longer I-5 to Bakersfield, CA-58 to Barstow, I-15 to central Utah and I-70 to Denver (1324 miles). Either could be very comfortably driven in 3 days with your mileage limits, so if this is a round trip you could take one route to Denver and the other one back to San Francisco. Overnight stops eastbound would be Elko, NV and Rawlins, WY on I-80 or Barstow, CA and Richfield, UT on I-5/I-15/I-70. Westbound stops would be Salt lake City and Reno on I-80 or Beaver, UT and Bakersfield, CA on I-5/I-15/I-70.


  4. Default Thank you :)

    Great suggestions - much appreciated. ty

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    Default Casinos are the bathtub ring around Nevada

    I have done Bay Area to SLC in one day; it can be done as I80 is straight and fast.

    That said, on every border of Nevada where major highways pass into the next state there are casinos; in your case West Wendover on the Nevada/Utah border. You MAY be able to find some deals there, as they LOVE people to come in and gamble a little so they usually have pretty low rates for decent rooms.

    Not so sure about pets but worth a phone call or two.

    Beyond Wendover I don't recall any options until you get close to SLC.

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    Default poor metaphor

    Let's make that last title: "Casinos are the beaches around the Nevada Ocean"....

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