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    We are travelling from Oregon (Medford) to Wisconsin and back this summer and hoping to rent a minivan (have kids). I can't find any car rentals that offer unlimited mileage anymore! Most have a cap at 3000 miles (which doesn't even get us there and back). Anyone know of any companies or how to go about getting a rental with unlimited mileage that can go across state borders?


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    I took a look using my favorite travel search engine, and you are right, most companies seem to have a cap on the number of miles they'll let you put on their cars, or at least their mini-vans. Note that any such limit placed on your mileage is not a hard limit, just the number of 'free' miles included in your basic rental fee. You can drive more, but the cost pretty quickly becomes prohibitive.

    I did find two however, Hertz and Enterprise, that still allowed unlimited miles and only two geographic restrictions: no taking the car into Mexico and no going into Canada without notifying the company at the time of rental, both of which are industry standard. Unfortunately, the total cost is around $1,560 for two weeks. But if you decide to go this route, I'd recommend Hertz, since both companies charge essentially the same price and my experience with Enterprise and several others reported here have been less than stellar.

    One 'trick' that might help is to rent the car somewhere else, perhaps even Grants Pass or Ashland, since I have noticed in the past that similar restrictions or rate hikes apply when you try to rent a car in your own hometown. Presumably, the rental firms have gotten burned in the past (by people like me) who rent cars rather than put outlandish numbers of miles on their own cars. Just a thought.


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