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    Hi guys...I am planning my first road trip..driving down from Houston to Hartford..I am thinking of phasing it over 4 days..stopping at nights..what would be the best route to take? also which would be some interesting places to visit on the way..Thanks..

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    Houston to Hartford via fastest route is 1800 miles, which can be done in 3 days driving 12+ hours a day. If you only have 4 days, you still can't make TOO many stops - you are still looking at 9+ hours a day with normal fuel and bio stops.

    I would take I-10/I-12/I-59 (459 around Birmingham) / I-75/I-40 (640 around Knoxville) /I-81/I-84. A 4 day run would put overnights around:

    Hattiesburg MS
    Knoxville TN
    Winchester VA

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