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    Default Valencia, CA to Sarasota, Fla with an 8 yr old

    Hello all! On June 10th I take off for a new life in Florida. And oh yes, I have an 8 year old some beach gear, duffle bags, and a large tv. We plan to stay in cheapy but safe motels. It is a total of 2634 miles. I am hoping to do 500 miles a day 9 I just want to get there). Thinking of staying in Tuscon, Fort Stockton, Beaumont, Pennsicola and then Sarasota.
    Anyone ever done this or have suggestions? This is my first road trip with a child. We have all the usual distractions...Nintendo, DVD, books, puzzles, snacks, etc.
    Thanks all...great site!!

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    How many days do you actually have to make this trip, and how tight is the budget? This is a wonderful opportunity to actually do some sightseeing. 500 miles a day is fine for just driving point to point, but won't let you do much more than that. This could also be a wonderful educational opportunity for your child.

    Cheapy and safe usually means a Motel 6 except in large cities. Smaller towns are a better bet.

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    Default Enjoy the ride !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Well you can make the journey in 5-6 days if need be but it will be a long 5 or 6 days and your 8 year old will probably get a bit cranky if he is stuck in the car all day. Rather than approaching it as a "I just want to get there" type attitude I would try and involve him/her with the planning and looking for interesting stops and things along the way. This will make the trip a more enjoyable venture for both of you instead of being a chore.
    Also if you can keep the child interested in the road and awake for large parts of the journey and take regular breaks, letting off steam and running around means that when you get to the end of your day and you are tired and want to eat and rest on getting out the car the child will want the same.
    Driving for 10 hours is one thing but then having an 8 yr old full of energy to deal with afterwards is another !

    Here is a list of places just of Interstates to do just that. An extra day or 2 could make it a whole lot more fun and an experience you will both remember for all the right reasons.

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    On my road trip, I plan on using "Motel 6". The people on this forum suggest Motel 6. They are inexpensive and good enough.

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    Thanks Dave for the advice. I agree with your suggestions. I appreciate the ideas.

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    Great places on I 10! Thanks alot!

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