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    Default upstate ny to wyoming

    i want to take a trip out to yellowstone to visit a friend. i'll have a tent, and my dog, and would like to keep costs to a minimum. any suggestions?

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    I'd probably watch the signs on the Interstates before each exit for camping.

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    Default A Little Pre-Planning Wouldn't Hurt

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    While there is certainly a well represented school of thought around here that it is possible, indeed preferable sometimes, to just wing it on a RoadTrip, I generally fall in the other camp of at least knowing what my options are for things as basic as route and overnight lodging before I set out. Not that I have everything decided before I leave, but I will know what's out there and where to find things as I go. In your case, you're looking for free to cheap places to exercise the dog during the day and to sleep at night. State parks and national forests are your best bets for camping, and also make up the bulk of nice places to stop during the day. Take a look through those resources to see which of them might suit your needs.


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