My 2 friends and I are trying to plan a trip this summer (August) and kind of have the following plan. We hope to do this in 7-10 days and with not too much expense:

Day 1: Start in NJ (where we're from) head to Lancaster, PA and then up to Niagara Falls for the first day. Staying for a night in Niagara Falls.
Day 2: Stay in N. Falls for a little then head over to Toronto. Stay the night there and check out the Chinese Latern Festival.
Day 3. Leave Toronto and drive to Thousand Islands, possibly take a lunch cruise and then drive to Montreal. Staying in Montreal for a night.
Day 4: Take a drive from Montreal to Portland, Maine then drive down to Rye, NH and then to Boston, Mass. Stay in Boston for a night.
Day 5: Head to Provincetown, Mass. Stay there for 2-3 nights
Day 6 or Day 7: Leave Provincetown and go to Mystic, CT and either stay there for a night or just head right back to NJ.

Does this sound do-able? Would this be too much? Are there any better places to visit/see instead of this route? We just definitely want to see Niagara Falls and Provincetown, Mass.