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    My husband and I are in the very early planning stages for a road trip next year (prob June-July time but open to suggestions of a better time).
    We were thinking of flying in and out of Florida as this is the cheapest and most direct option for us from the UK, we would then like to plan a 2 week trip west and then fly back to Florida for our flight home.
    At the moment we're thinking Savannah and New Orleans have to be included as do a Mississippi river cruise and a rodeo (thinking around San Antonio, Texas). What we need help with is how to join these places up and where to stop along the way.
    We're both 28 and would like to see a wide range of things. We like trying regional foods, outdoor/active, sports, local culture and maybe some American Civil war history. We're particularly keen on staying in small, interesting, more local towns along the way rather than large cities, touristy places, theme parks, etc. We'd like to see the "true" Southern USA.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    You may have more time than you think and if San Antonio is as far west as you were thinking of going, you might want to consider a loop trip where you basically follow the Gulf Coast in one direction and stay a bit inland on the other. This will save you both the cost of the internal flight back to Miami and the one way drop-off fee for the car. US-90 parallels I-10 along the coast and US-80 parallels I-20 inland and both of those roads would let you see something other than the usual Interstate fare, but both small town and Large cities are the 'true' America, as are both back roads and freeways. For some ideas of dots to connect with either or both of those routes, take a look though the relevant state posts here.


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    I went to college in Pensacola and the beaches there are the best in Florida, in my opinion. I now live in Western North Carolina (Haywood County) and have the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in my neck of the woods (pun intended). If you want to drive further north than the path from Savannah to New Orleans, check out this area. The mountains are breathtaking and something not to miss. Plus, there are tons of little mountain towns to see and Asheville is a cool, hip town like no other.

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    Hello Donna,
    While I fully admire AZBuck's suggestion of a grand loop, I must say I find inclusion of San Antonio within a trip to see the "true South" just a bit out of the ordinary. And geographically, well, the State of Texas' tourist-attracting slogan is "Texas: It's like a whole other country". The point being you're actually looking at two very distinctive regions when you consider San Antonio and the Deep South.

    Be that as it may, surely you'll want to include Natchez, MS in your plans to see some Civil War history sites. Natchez was the site of a lengthy siege and its loss cost the Confederates dearly in terms of a port city to bring in goods and materiel from, among other places, the UK.

    Natchez is also the southern terminus of the Natchez Trace Parkway, a Federal National park unit which is a no-commercial traffic two lane scenic drive from Nashville, TN to Natchez. There are literally dozens of small towns and villages along the way. I would think a Civil War buff would include Chattanooga, TN and/or Atlanta, GA in the tour, as well, as each city and the region around it are rich in Civil War history sites. South Georgia includes the notorious Andersonville POW site, where many thousands died under horrific prison camp conditions.

    For other Deep South treats, consider Callaway Gardens in GA, true Cajun Country in Lafayette and Breaux Bridge, LA, and Florida's Redneck Riviera. Inland are the aforementioned Natchez Trace Parkway, Alabama's Cheaha Scenic Drive, and the Great Smokies mentioned by another respondent, who correctly noted the presence of lots and lots of old Scots-Irish mountain communities in western NC as well as the booming arts community of Asheville.

    Finally, I'd venture a strong guess you can find a good rodeo in SW Louisiana or East Texas, many hundreds of miles east of "San Antone".

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip!


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    Default Savannah GA

    There have been lots of raves about that city here in these forums. You might do a search through the forums to find some of the discussions and tips. This article also has some great suggestions.

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