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    Hi folks,

    Having lost our jobs on May 1st, we had to pack up our personal belongings in So-Cal and put them in an ocean container back to Europe. Due to timing issues, the container won't arrive until the middle of July, so, my GF and I decided that we'd spend the time touring the US.

    We're a week and a few days into the journey and so far have covered:

    SoCal > Arizona > Utah > New Mexico > Colorado > Kansas > Missouri > Arkansas.

    From northern AR, we're headed west and south to cover OK, TX, LA and then eastwards. From Florida we'll head northwards and then west before finally heading south to finish where we started.

    We're mostly staying in motels, but we have our tent and camping gear in the car and would love to camp more. So far it's been either too hot (110f in AZ) or too wet.

    If anyone has any advice, or must see/do info, feel free to share.


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  2. Default First of all...

    ...SLOW DOWN! You sure are driving the U.S. but you're not touring it at the rate you're going. You seem to have a great deal of time and a hefty budget...THAT'S A ROADTRIPPER'S DREAM!

    I say ditch the idea of heading into Oklahoma and into Memphis and then south into New Orleans. Hang out there for a few days. People say it's the most European city in the'd probably have an interesting perspective on that. In any event, cheap drink and great music is always a lure (you won't be beating the heat and humidity though.)

    From there...instead of Florida, how about heading into Great Smoky Mts National Park and then driving the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway up to Shendandoah National Park. You will find VERY comfortable camping in both of those parks (higher elevations.) Shenandoah is only a few hours from Washington D.C. if you're interested (I very highly recommend the Smithsonian many as you can visit!)

    New York isn't far from there, and it opens up a world of possibilities for you in terms of places to go or routes to take. You could head up into New England and see the Green and White Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire. You could drive across upstate New York and go through the Finger Lake region on your way to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. You could head back west along I-80 and check out the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, spend time in Chicago, etc.

    In any event...ENJOY! What I wouldn't give for a couple of months to do what you're doing again (took an epic trip back in 1998).


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    Quote Originally Posted by laydownthelaw View Post
    ...SLOW DOWN! You sure are driving the U.S. but you're not touring it at the rate you're going. You seem to have a great deal of time and a hefty budget...THAT'S A ROADTRIPPER'S DREAM!
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, we know we're heading on a bit strong, we saw what we wanted in Utah and in Colorado it rained every day. We got in some hiking and some river rafting, but, couldn't really justify the motel expense to sit out the storms.

    Kansas and Western Missouri, appear to be a little devoid of much interesting (I'm probably going to get shot for saying that), so, we blew through them pretty quickly in order to spend our time and money in the good stuff.

    New Orleans is on the joint 'must do' list.

    Florida is a 'must do' from the GF's point of view. She wants a few days on the beach etc.

    Smokey mountains is on my 'must do' list, possibly the tail of the dragon if the weather is okay and we can hit it on a weekday.

    Shenadoah is on the 'probably' list, but may have just got itself an upgrade!

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    Default Cool.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    It's really not possible to start throwing ideas out there when you are covering such a large area and have such an open plan but when you hit a place you can always pop by and ask for more specific info and keep us updated.
    Shame about the weather in CO but it sounds like a great final "hurrah" in the States so good luck and enjoy your trip.

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    Default greener grass

    There is no wrong way to approach a trip, but I will echo some of the comments made by laydownthe law. It almost seems like you are constantly looking for something "better" and not taking the chance to actually take in the places that you are seeing. I'm concerned that you're going to get to the end of your trip and realise that you've missed all the good stuff because you were constantly hoping the good stuff would be at your next stop.

    just something to keep in mind as you keep moving forward on your trip.

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    If your GF wants to go to a beach in Florida, I recommend beaches in the Panhandle. I went to college in Pensacola and the best beaches in the state are there. I now live in western North Carolina and the Parkway is incredible, as is Great Smoky Mountains Nat'l Park.

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    Folks, thanks for the continued input and sharing your concerns - all points have been taken on board, although we think you fears are a little unfounded, although easily understood given the little information in my first post.

    We're just off to Eureka Springs now, then heading down through the forests so that we can play rockhounds tomorrow and then wash up in the hot springs.

    Hopefully the overcastness will turn into blue skies and sunshine!

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    You're welcome to explore the state of Florida, but if it's beach access that your girlfriend is looking for, you'll find it all along the Atlantic Coast.

    My best suggestion for you so far is the Great Smoky Mts National Park > Blue Ridge Parkway > Shenandoah National Park drive when you eventually head towards the northeast.


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