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    I need a kid-friendly stop along I-80 in the far west portion of NE. There are only a few towns here and I'm not finding many reviews online. Pine Bluffs, WY would be ideal, but is there any decent place to eat there - and appropriate for a 4 and 2 year old as well? It would be for a midweek dinner.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hilaryanne View Post
    I need a kid-friendly stop along I-80 in the far west portion of NE.
    Here's a list of the state parks in Nebraska Scotts Bluff is a nice town and not all that forth north of I-80 with playgrounds and other places for kids to get out and run a bit.
    It would be for a midweek dinner.
    Scottsbluff is larger enough to have most of the mid-size chains -- I'd recommend the Perkins Family Restaurant chain.

    But perhaps I'm missing a parameter of this request. Do you need to stay on I-80 and where else are you going?


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    I don't need to stay overnight anywhere. I'm going to be going through that part of nebraska about dinnertime, and I want a fairly fast stop - not off of I-80 more than 5 or so minutes. But I need it to be kid-friendly as far as a restaurant goes. I think Sidney might have a Perkins too, and that's closer to I-80.
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  4. Default When are you going?

    I suggest checking into the websites for the various counties in Nebraska that I-80 runs through. Check out the community events, entertainment, or recreation links...most county or even chamber of commerce websites have them.

    It may very well depend on when you're going. You might get lucky with a county fair, carnival, or something to that effect.

    If dinner is what you're really asking about, I'd check out For the start and end address, put towns/cities on opposite ends of Nebraska and click "Start TravPlan" instead of "Get Directions." Scroll down a bit, and you'll get a fairly reliable list of restaurants at the various exits along I-80. If you see a name that sounds more fun than others, you can call ahead and see what they're all about.

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    There are several places to eat, including a Perkins just off I80 in Sidney, Nebraska near the Cabelas store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kestrel View Post
    There are several places to eat, including a Perkins just off I80 in Sidney, Nebraska near the Cabelas store.
    Seems to me that Pine Bluff had a Pizza Hut, but I am not sure.

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    Really, in any of these town of this size along I-80 you should have no problem finding a Chain-Family Restaurant, like a Perkins, Dennys, or one of the other handful of other similar chains that will serve the same basic prepackaged foods. Because of the interstate, all of these otherwise small towns will have a handful of chain stops.

    I will say, if you are going to do chain food in Nebraska, you really should try one of the several Runza locations along I-80. At least you'd be getting something that's a bit different than you'd find everywhere else on your trip.

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