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    Hi, we are coming over from England in July to travel Route 66 (east to west).
    We are looking to hire a sports or something unusual but getting very few options from the major Rental companies. Has anyone got any advice please? All help greatly appreciated. Mike & Kate

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sorry to tell you that you probably aren't going to have much luck finding anything too exotic for a rental, especially for a one way rental. The economics just aren't there for it to be a profitable business, so its just not something that is really offered. Some of the rental companies do offer a premium car line, that might be more like what you are looking for, but you can expect that to be very expensive if they allow those cars for one way rentals at all.

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    Hey Michael

    you should have no problem hiring a car or SUV as many tour companies include route66 in their brouchures now, most companies supply flights, car hire and book accomodation along the way, so all you need to do, is arrive and drive without the worries of booking or finding stop off's.

    Failing that you should still have no problem finding a major car company but they will ask for a one way drop off fee which may set you back as much as £600 depending on location

    Have you considered traveling West to East this is desired by hire car companies as the majority of people feel they must travel East to West on 66.

    Remember also if you have American Express Platinum ands use this to pay the hire, all your insurances are taken car off under AMEX.

    enjoy the drive and stick to 66 as much as possible, keep away from the tedious I40.

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