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    hi...i'm still considering alternative routes that i can travel on....i have about a week and i'm plannning to drive from dallas to chicago and back...i was wondering if anybody knew which route would be a good route to travel on as i am going alone...i am also a photographer so i am looking for some interesting sites on the way...i don't mind getting of the freeways and driving on some old roads...could someone advise please...thnx...this is also my first roadtrip so i'm trying to make it something special...and i also plan to stay in chicago for a day minimum so wat can i do when i am there...basically fun stuff for a 24 yr old guy...
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    The fastest route would be US-75 out of Dallas to US-69 through OK to I-44 - then I-44 to STL and I-55 to CHI. This would be a 2 day drive (925 miles), with the halfway point for an overnight being Rolla, MO. Once you get to I-44, you would be following the routing of old US-66. There should be quite a few photo opportunities off the Interstate near and through towns that the old highway went through and are now bypassed by the Interstate. You would probably want to add a day or two to the trip to fully explore. I would research Historic Route 66 between Vinita, OK and Chicago.

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