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  1. Default kansas to nashville, tn...first roadtrip!

    going from atchison, ks to nashville, tn on my first vacation. i may be traveling alone, but i still wanna site-see!

    any hints/advice/ideas? thanx!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A roadtrip is more than just connecting two points on a map. You haven't told us anything about you, your interests, or even how long you have for this trip.

    The direct route is 600 miles, so you could easily do this trip in a full day of driving, but that wouldn't leave much time for sightseeing. The direct route would take you through St. Louis, and right by Land Between the Lakes, so those are a couple places you could spend some time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Michael View Post
    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A roadtrip is more than just connecting two points on a map. You haven't told us anything about you, your interests, or even how long you have for this trip.
    sorry, i'm new at this.

    i'm a single, african-american female with a job in education. i've spent my whole life taking care of my parents and being the 'dependable daughter'. now, i'm 33 and thinking of starting a family through adoption. before i do that, though, i'd like to do something bold and something for myself, which is why i'm taking this trip.

    i would like to take a week for it, but i don't wanna just drive. i'd like to stop at some places and work on my photography and blogging. also, i picked nashville because i love the music culture and a friend of mine lives in franklin, tn. i just thought it would be a great place to visit. eventually, i'd also like to go to boston. but (hopefully), that's another trip!

    did i miss anything?

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    Default Nashville should make a good, first roadtrip

    After you get that shorter trip under your belt, then a roadtrip to Boston will seem much easier.

    After you adopt, you can still do roadtrips. You'll just need to vary the pace, places to stop, and the things you see/do to also appeal to the kid(s).

    I would plan a loop drive, going through St. Louis on the way there, and returning through Memphis/Little Rock/Fayetteville/Joplin on the way home. I always enjoy a roadtrip more when I can travel new roads for most of the trip.

    Either route will require a stop along the way. Since you're traveling interstates, there shouldn't be a problem with just finding a motel virtually anywhere once you get tired and ready to stop. There's nothing wrong with making a planned stop somewhere if you want to explore the area more, but it's not necessary. Just go-with-the-flow and enjoy the experience.

    On the way there, you might enjoy stopping for the night in St. Louis. At just over 300 miles from home, this will make a rather short but good first day's drive. St. Louis has a lot to see including the famous Arch. It's just over 300 miles to Nashville from there so this gives you another leisurely day's drive.

    If you do decide to do the loop back through Memphis, you can get from Nashville to Memphis in a fairly short, half-day drive. You'd probably want to stop somewhere around Joplin for the next night.

    As for things to see, you can poke around the forums here (use the search feature) for discussions about some of those states/cities, and gather ideas that appeal to you. You could also do a google search the tourism websites of the various states you're traveling through, type in
    "name-of-state tourism". These websites are usually well-done and full of ideas. For the larger cities, you can do the same search typing in the city's name.

    As for photo opps, just keep your eyes open. Some obvious places would be the St. Louis Arch but that has been photoed ad nauseum. Why not find more obscure, interesting things?

    If you're comfortable with this, you might do some meandering on 2-lane roads that roughly parallel the highway and still move you toward your goal. Just have good maps with you so you keep moving in the right direction. It's easier to pull over for photo opps on smaller roads.

    During your planning, keep asking questions and we'll do our best to help you tweak things, fill in any gaps, etc. Happy planning!

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    I can verify that Joplin has plenty of lodging right off I-44 at Exit 8, varying from budget (Motel 6, less than $40) to somewhat upscale (Hampton Inn). There is also a very nice new hotel at the MO-KS-OK state line at the casino.

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