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    We are an Australian family planning to visit New York for New Year following Christmas in London. We have friends living in Orlando Florida and are considering driving down, taking in sights and places of interest along the way.
    Is this a crap time of year to be doing this trip? How much time should we allow? What places should we make a point of seeing? Should we expect to find reasonable hotel/motel accommodation along the way? should we book ahead? Will the driving conditions at this time of year be OK? (we are Aussies and used to driving good distances!). Will we be able to rent a car in NY, leave it in Florida and fly out back to Sydney?
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    It's not the best time of the year to make the trip, but the farther south you get and the closer you stay to the ocean, the warmer it generally will be. It's hard to generalize about the driving conditions - everything could be fine but then again, you could wind up in the middle of a winter "noreaster" storm. Just driving point to point from NYC to Orlando is about 1100 miles, and can be done in 2 days with no delays for sightseeing off the main highways as long as the weather is okay and you don't hit any major cities in rush hour. Finding reasonable hotels/motels will be no problem, and there should be no need to prebook. There are chain hotels all the way down I-95 (and other major Interstate highways) at most exits in or near towns of any size. Yes, cars can be rented for one way trips, there will be a "dropoff" fee. It will wind up being considerably more expensive than simply flying from NYC to Orlando when you get done with the daily fee, dropoff fee, fuel, and hotels.

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