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    Default round the country between september and march?

    hi all! i've been reading and reading and re-reading over the site and have found so much useful and interesting information! thanks to all!

    so, i am a native ohioan, and the road trips i propose to do will all start (and maybe end) there--cleveland, to be exact. my wife is from paraguay, and since we are both women, i am not able to sponsor her for immigration (clearly a whole nother topic ;). we're coming to visit the states later this year with her tourist visa, so that means that we can't know exactly how long we will have in the country--upon landing at miami international, the customs officer could give her 2 weeks, or he could give her up to six months. we're hoping for that since that seems to be the default.

    if we get that amount of time, we want to do two large trips--one 'east coat' and one 'everything to the west'. i've already got my excel spreadsheet to calculate gas, food, and all that going on :), but my excel likely doesn't know nearly as much as all of you do. any desire to give me some comments?

    very rough itinerary:

    "East" Trip, rough dates 2nd week in oct to right before thanksgiving, starting in cleveland:
    -to philadelphia for a dayish
    -up to boston for a day or two, maybe seeing a bit of cape cod
    -up to my aunt's in maine for a day or two
    -back down to new york, 4 or 5 days
    -down through d.c. (probably just for sleeping at this point) to orlando
    -a few days in disney (don't laugh! disney is serious business :)
    -roughly a week and a half at the sarasota beaches, a friend's place in miami, and key west
    -up through gainseville, fl to sleep at a friend's for one night
    -over to new orleans for 3 or 4 days
    -up to montgomery for one day
    -over to atlanta for 2ish days
    -back to d.c. for 2ish days

    [stay home in cleveland for the holidays]

    now, the trip "west" is a bit harder to sketch out. here is one possibility, rough dates 2nd week of january to early march, leaving from cleveland:
    -down to nashville to hear bluegrass and spend the night
    -memphis for a day or 2
    -down into texas for 5ish days--austin, san antonio, maybe houston?
    -carlsbad caverns, nm
    -visit a friend in arroyo hondo, maybe see santa fe for 2-3 days
    -over to grand canyon 2ish days
    -las vegas, 2 days max
    -san diego, 2-3 days
    -up to monterrey, big sur, san francisco for a weekish
    -over to denver...thinking we'll stop to sleep in salt lake city, though i don't have a HUGE desire to see it
    -over to kansas city to see a friend for a few days
    -heading home, stopping in either st. louis or chicago to break up the trip back to cleveland. we really want to see chicago, but i'd rather make it a several-days trip from home than just stopping by at the end of such a tiring trip...

    the other option for this "west" trip is to skip the meanderings in texas (just barrelling through memphis-santa fe by way of OK and amarillo, TX), and exchange that time for more time further north--perhaps visiting friends in portland and seattle, and then coming home by way of yellowstone and wounded knee, SD before hitting kansas city.

    ok, it seems like i'm not very well planned out, but i swear i've been researching it and working on intineraries for weeks now! it's just more fun to not be settled yet :)

    other points to consider:
    -we're hoping to do this in my dad's old mazda 626, which already has probably 150,000 miles on it. i OF COURSE plan to get it checked out before leaving and see if they think it can go another 15K or so, keep up with the oil changes, etc. this will also imply getting insurance for the time we're there (my dad will probably be getting a new car at this point and transferring his insurance to that one) and AAA membership. rental cars are definitley an option too since we plan to do round trips both times, but they clearly will be more expensive than buying my dad's car off of him for 500 bucks...
    -also will DEFINITELY need to get a temporary cell phone during this trip. any preferences for the best pay-as-you-go plans?
    -we belong to couch surfers and TRULY hope to stay with CS hosts in any city where we don't have friends or relatives. anyone have any good (or bad...) stories about trying to do something like that (stay with hospitality exchanges) on such a long itinerary, and it working?
    -i've been trying to do research online to see what food costs these days in the states, since i haven't lived there in about 5 years. i've found lots of budget bloggers saying they and their mate can live on $300 a month of groceries. do you think this is true??
    -i know this post is way too long!! but i'm excited thinking that someone might actually read it and give me useful advice :)

    ideas, comments, points that will bring me back to reality??

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    Default First Trips First

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Since you may only get to do the two week Northeast tour and have plenty of time to work on other longer trips, let's concentrate on that one first. Then the knowledge you've gained in planning it will serve you well in working out any others you might make. The first thing that strikes me about your proposal is that it does a fair bit of zigzagging. I think that a more straightforward itinerary that avoids retracing your steps would go something like this:

    Boston, Maine, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Orlando, Sarasota, Gainesville, New Orleans, Montgomery, Atlanta

    That would take about 4,300 miles of driving minimum, or about 8 days of your two weeks, leaving you 6 days or so to spend in the various cities along the way. Of course if you have longer, you can always spend more time. I suspect that you've got reasons for each of the stops you've listed, but do also plan on making a stops as you drive especially on the longer stretches to just stretch your legs and enjoy some of the countryside in between your destinations as well.


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    Default a few things

    Regarding the logistics of your trip, if you end up using your father's car, it will probably make the most financial sense to keep the insurance policy in his name and add you to the list of drivers. This should be cheaper, since you're family it shouldn't cost too much more, and since the car is still going to be in his name, he could face some liability issues anyway if something happened while you were driving it.

    Budgetwise, $300 a month for 2 people would be keeping things very very lean. That would be basically cooking your own beans and rice every day, and leaves zero room for any splurging what-so-ever. Even dollar menu fast food would be a serious threat to your budget. I wouldn't plan for less than $10 a person per day, and that's if you are going to be cooking most of your own meals. Remember, cooking on the road can be a little more challenging. If you plan to be sampling restaurants on an occational basis as well, then you'd want to increase that to around $15 or $20 a day.

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    thanks, azbuck and midwest michael! i'm excited that people are sharing some of their smarts with me :)

    it does make sense to concentrate on the east coast trip right now, good point. i'll come back to the other one in a few months when i know if i have the requisite money and time!

    and azbuck, you're also right that i had some reasons for picking the cities i did--just didn't want to give SO much detail that no one would read it! we might have some friends coming in for just a 2 week period, with whom we want to see new england and florida, specifically. so the trip in my mind is sort of "leave cleveland--about 2 or 3 days later pick them up at JFK--wander around new york and new england for about half the time--and then head down to florida for the other half of their time--then drop them off at MIA and meander home through new orleans and the south."

    also, i think i created some confusion about timing because i neglected to put actual dates, but we've got more than 2 weeks. our time with our friends is probably 2.5 weeks, but our total time would be something like: oct 8ish to nov. 23rdish. do you think my whole winding itinerary is a bit more doable with that amount of time?

    also, great point about the difficulties of cooking on the road! to be totally honest, i hadn't even factored that in! was just going by what people say they can "live on" these days. i'm thinking that budget might have me eating one peanut butter sandwich too about the third day ;)

    ok, so now what i have to do is monitor gas prices for the next few months to see how that affects my budget. any good news on that front?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post

    do also plan on making a stops as you drive especially on the longer stretches to just stretch your legs and enjoy some of the countryside in between your destinations as well.

    this list is awesome!!!

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