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  1. Default Toronto to Vancouver Island thru USA?

    This summer, I am planning to take a trip with my family from Toronto (where I am staying now) to Vancouver Island thru the USA. I am planning to drive the route of Toronto west on Hwy 401 then west on Interstate 94 to Montana then Interstate 90 to Washington state and Seattle where there are ferries to Vancouver island.

    I have relatives living in Victoria, and I would like to visit them. When we drive back, we plan to visit Banff, Yoho, etc.

    I have 2 main questions: Google maps says it takes 1 day and 19 hours to make the drive from Toronto to Victoria (Vancouver Island). Is this an accurate time? Also, what is there to see between Chicago and Seattle? I know there are rocky mountains once we hit Montana, but anything else?

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    Default Google never has to rest....

    Quote Originally Posted by James_hillbilly View Post
    Is this an accurate time?
    It's accurate if you are a web-based computer program. In the real world, that includes rest time, traffic delays, bathroom breaks, etc. this trip will require a minimum of 49 hours of on-the-car traveling time. If you drove 10 hours per day, this will take nearly five days.


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    Default its a big continent

    Based on this post, and the other thread you created last fall, I have a feeling you are massively underestimating the size of North America. As Mark mentioned, this is the kind of trip you measure in days, not hours.

    I think you should take a look at a map and really take a look at what you want to do. Once you do that, you should also have at least a starting point of the major things you could do along the way.

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