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    Default one more

    Since it looks like you've got one more "segment" on a USA Rail Pass, you might want to continue taking the Train across Texas, perhaps as far as Tucson or even California.

    From there, you could rent a car, and start your exploration of the west.

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    yes, with one more segment I could do that but I would like to do my trip from east to west. Once I arrive to LA I'll fly back to NYC and then to Portugal.

    Could you tell me some good things to see in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and California?

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    Default Two suggestions

    First, get a good map showing national/state parks and miscellaneous other things to see so you can pick out cities, parks and sights that intrigue you.

    Second, give us an idea of what kind of things you want to see. Those are big states and there's a lot. Without knowing your interests, we're just making wild guesses.

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    Default Wild Guesses

    And in fact, we've already made such suggestions for 26 (or so) attractions in each state.


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    In Texas I want to go to Paris and El Paso. I know that's a lot of miles to run, but I would like very much to see those cities, don't ask me why!

    Then from El Paso Iím thinking go across New Mexico until Denver (another city that I donít know why!).

    From Denver Iím thinking drive to Las Vegas and then throw Arizona (Grand Canyon).

    I would like to see some nature and sightseeing places, the oneís you think itís better.

    Probably it will be the only time Iíll be in that area of the USA in my life, I should go to NYC some other times, I dream that, but those states probably will be the first and only time. So, I would like to see things I will remember forever.

  6. Default route 66

    somewhere on this crazy plan I would like to see some parte of Route 66.

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