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    Default Memphis

    Apparently you didn't ride the streetcars in the downtown area or go to the tourist areas at Mud Island and did not visit or stay at the Peabody Hotel.

    You can catch the streetcars right outside the door of the Amtrak Memphis Central Station at Main and Calhoun Streets.

    Tours to Graceland are available from the Peabody.

    If your are going to rent a car and go to Nashville you can also use it to go
    to Tunica, Mississippi, the large gambling area just south of Memphis on US Route 61.

    Tours to the casinos are also available from the Peabody Hotel.

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    Thank you very much for all these details!

    1st this steps, this routes youíve mentioned, wouldnít I be travelling back a few times? My plan is to go strait as much as possible. Maybe you give me as many options you could find and that I can choose!
    2nd how much does it cost the USA RAIL PASS? Iíve seen one on internet that cost around 400 dollars and is just for 8 trips in 15 days.

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    @Smartie Pants

    I donít ever pretend to see all of the cities and places I travel. I just want to see what I have to see, with no stress. I prefer stay quiet in an esplanade than to run for days looking for that touristic attraction.

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    Default Usa rail pass

    Information about Amtrak's USA Rail Pass can be found here.

    Moderator Note: This post has been edited to remove an entire article copied from another website. All of the information can be found in the above link.
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    Default Train travel

    The idea for taking the train was made so you could cover as much of the USA
    and only pay one fare. If you begin to combine airline fares and bus fares and automobile rentals the cost will go up considerably.

    Yes for part of your trip you would be backtracking for example San Francisco
    back to Chicago, however these are all different routes with no real duplication.

    If you are in SF and wanted to go to Denver and then to Seattle and then back to Los Angeles, this segment alone would cost you at least $500.00 air fare,
    where you could do it all with the USA RAIL PASS and one price.

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    @ streamliner dude

    Thank you very much for your time and all the explanations! Been useful.

    I've made some changes on my plan and for now it's like this:

    Buy the 15 days/8 segments USA Rail Pass by Amtrak and made this trips
    1- New York - Newark
    2- Newark - New York (same day)
    3- New York - Niagara Falls (day 2)
    4- Niagara Falls - Philadelphia (day 3)
    5- Philadelphia - Washington (day 5)
    6- Washington - Chicago (day 8)
    7- Chicago - Memphis (day 11)
    8- Memphis - New Orleans (day 15)

    I'm not very sure about the days ....

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    Default New york to newark

    There are much better ways to travel to Newark and back than to use some of your USA Rail Pass segments.

    PATH which operates right outside of Penn Station in NYC to Penn Station Newark is only $1.75 each way.

    You could save these two segments for much longer trips -- Washington, DC to Tampa & Miami and back ?

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    What is ďPATHĒ, bus or train?

    I think that Miami would be for another time. I donít have the time on this five weeks.

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    PATH is a commuter train. Amtrak is city to city.

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    Thank you for all this details. I made my plan with Amtrak and reserved the tickets .
    New York - Niagara Falls
    Niagara Falls - Philadelphia
    Philadelphia - Washington
    Washington - Chicago
    Chicago - Memphis
    Memphis - New Orleans
    New Orleans - San Antonio (rent a car here and .....)

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