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    My family and I are planning a trip from NC to the west coast in June. We have 2 weeks. We would like to travel part of the way on I40 and some on Route 66. Any suggestions?

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    Default Is this two weeks roundtrip?

    Quote Originally Posted by swidner View Post
    My family and I are planning a trip from NC to the west coast in June. We have 2 weeks. We would like to travel part of the way on I40 and some on Route 66. Any suggestions?
    For most of your route I-40 and Route 66 are virtually identical -- Route 66 doesn't really exist much any more as a "real highway" you can still drive on patches of it, but the road bed has been eclipsed by I-40 in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Here's an article about planning family road trips you might find helpful -- is your trip two weeks round trip? It takes a full 10 days to drive from NC to the west coast and back, if you average 8-10 hours of driving each day.


  3. Default NC to West coast roadtrip

    My family and I are planning a 2 week roadtrip from NC to the west coast and back. Any suggestions on points of interest? We definately want to see the Grand Cannon.

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    Default You'll Need to Be Quite a Bit Specific

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    One of the basic tenants of this site is that RoadTrips are individual experiences that you tailor to your own interests, schedule, budget and other constraints and desires. There's simply no way that anyone can give you meaningful advice for such an endeavor without knowing what you are after. What do you all want to see? Who, for that matter, constitutes your "family"? Where on the "west coast" are you headed? Where in North Carolina are you starting from? Are there monetary limitations, or is the sky the limit? Everyone wants to see the Grand Canyon, as they should, so that really doesn't help much to determine what else we should suggest. The one thing I can tell you is that, for example, Charlotte to Los Angeles is going to take about 5 days with minimal stops en route, so you're going to be spending roughly twice as much time on the road getting there as you are on the coast, so you should look at this mainly as a RoadTrip and only secondarily as a vacation in California.


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    Two weeks is not long enough.
    Where on the west coast?
    From NC with a car load of kids will take you at least 4 days to the Grand Canyon.
    If you are lucky, you will get 600 miles per day.
    Play around with mapquest or google maps.

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    We are traveling from western NC. We live near the NC, TN, VA boarder. We are not sure about were on th west coast. My daughter would really like to see the pacific ocean. We have 2 weeks round trip. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default limitations

    Well, the fact is that with 2 weeks, you are very limited if you want to see the west coast. As has been mentioned, you're looking at a very solid 5 days each way just to get there. So even if you did a sprint out and a sprint back, you'd only have about 4 days in California. Obviously, if you stop along the way, like at the Grand Canyon, that's going to take away some of that time from California.

    It can be done, but you're not going to have much time at all once you get there. I'd probably look at going to LA or San Diego and really no where else.

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    From what I've read on the internet, the best Beaches in LA are Venice Beach, Dockweiler Beach and Manhattan Beach. Those are the ones I will visit. These are very close to the LA Int'l Airport(LAX).

    Let's assume you live in Warrensville, NC.
    It's 2380 miles to LAX. Let's make that 2450 for food, bathroom, gas and hotels.

    With bathroom, food and gas stops, your average speed will be 52.5 mph.

    That's 47 hours driving. At 12 hrs of driving per day, that's 4 days driving. The trip back will be another 4 days. That's 8 days in a car with 6 days remaining.

    In the next year or so, I plan on making a similar trip except from Northern, VA near DC. This will be about 2850. For me, the drive will be 85% of the fun. Maybe I will stop off at Vegas and Grand Canyon on my way home.

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