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  1. Default Dec/Jan 1 month roadtrip from Florida to California and back

    Hey everyone!!!

    My boyfriend and I have just started planning a one month long (because thats all I have off from pharmacy school) road trip from Florida to California and back from mid-December to mid-January. We are planning on camping along the way (with our dog) at state/national parks in our teardrop (a very small retro camper that we made) and visiting everything we can including Yosemite, Big Sur Coast Highway, Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, the giant redwoods, ect. We are also planning to stay with friends in Park City, UT for a bit and hopefully enjoy some good snowboarding.

    My questions are:

    Are there any "must see" places along the way you can suggest?

    Is going in winter going to cause us too many problems such as road closures? (I guess pushing the trip back to Summer 2010 is an option, but we are itching to go and then we run into the problem of it being too hot for camping)

    Any sugestions/tips/heads-up on possible problems are very much appreciated!!!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    A month is a great amount of time for a very relaxed coast-to-coast (and back presumably) RoadTrip. You can figure roughly 5 days each way to get to the west coast, but 6 would allow you to see some of the country in between. As for the sights in your destination area, they've been covered extensively in the past so read through those discussions. Snow will only be an insurmountable problem as far as getting across the Sierra Nevada. For instance, you will not be able to use CA-120 over Tioga Pass between Death Valley and Yosemite, but you can certainly see both in your time frame. You'll just have to drive around the mountains to the south through Barstow and Bakersfield.

    The other thing I'd strongly recommend is that you treat the drive to the west coast and back as part of the vacation and see a number of sites along the way to break up the long drive. Some of the places on your way include New Orleans, the Alamo, White Sands, Saguaro National Park, and many, many others.


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