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    I will driving from Seattle to Raleigh next week - I will be driving a 16 foot Penske moving truck and towing a Ford Focus sedan. Will I be required to stop at weigh stations along the way?

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    Default no but

    Generally, private moving company trucks are exempt from weigh station requirements.

    Having said that, it would be a good idea to see what Penske recommends for their trucks.

    If you want to really play it safe, you can always stop just to be sure. They'll almost certainly just wave you through, but you couldn't get in trouble that way.

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    "States determine what vehicles must stop at weigh stations. Some require all commercial motor vehicles to stop, while others require only those above a certain weight to stop. Ultimately, States must certify that they are enforcing their weight limits on certain highways in order not to jeopardize their receipt of Federal highway funds. Excluding a significant number of heavy vehicles from stopping at weigh stations would be inconsistent with such a certification." source :

    I suggest you go to a truck stop and browse the first pages of a trucker's atlas (ex. : The Deluxe Motor Carriers by Rand McNally). If I'm not mistaken, I believe it covers issues of weight and lenght of vehicle State by State.

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