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    hi is the thing i am new in dallas...i have a 5 days break and i have a great car...what i wanna do is take it out on the road and be on the road for these five days...i am looking for a scenic that reminds me of the ghost towns and takes me back in time...a route that gives me peace of mind and make me love my loneliness...i know this all sounds very dramatic but this is really what i am looking for...the thing is that i don't know where to pls any advice would be greatly appreciated...


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    Default You're in luck

    Texas is chock-full of places that fit that bill. Here's the definitive web resource for locating ghost towns in Texas!


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    great suggestion...but i actually wanted to get out of texas...

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    Default Driving into the Sunset

    From Dalls, the only direction in which your going to find 'loneliness' is west into the high plains and desert. You'll also want to pretty much stay off the Interstates, nothing lonely about them. As just kind of a general route to start building the trip around, have a look at US-287/US-70/US-60 west into New Mexico continuing on into Arizona with Phoenix as a possible turn around point. That's a little over 1,000 miles on slightly slower roads. Besides the open road itself, highlights of such a trip would be Fort Sumner, NM (home of two Billy the Kid graves!), the Salinas Pueblos, the VLA, and the Salt River Canyon.


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    Default More in New Mexico to consider...

    Upper half of New Mexico:

    Acoma (Sky Pueblo), Santa Fe, Taos, Taos Pueblo.

    Lower half of NM: White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns.

    While I'm not familiar with the road, Google maps says taking 180 West out of Dallas (avoiding the interstate) will put you in Carlsbad in about 9 hours. That would set you up for three full days to explore bits of New Mexico, and a day to head back.

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