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  1. Default first roadtrip across usa! suggestions?

    hi there. this is my first crosscountry roadtrip and its from miami to los angeles via chicago. driving from miami to chicago and then taking the oregon trail to san francisco to los angeles. is 2 weeks enough time?

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    Default well sort of

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    Assuming this is a one way trip, then you can cover the distance you are talking about in 2 weeks. However, you should note that just point to point driving on freeways, you're looking at about 10 days of driving. That doesn't leave much time left for exploring the places you are talking about. I'm also not sure exactly what you are talking about when you say you want to take the Oregon Trail to San Francisco, but if your plan involves getting away from the interstates, you're really going to start becoming pressed for time.

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    the call hwy 20 "the oregon trail". as far as time i am planning to log in some miles the first couple of days and make it to chicago in 2-3 days. from there going out west to yellowstone park and then to san francisco. that will be 11 days from chicago to los angeles.

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    Default Ah, Jamie strikes again!

    I see you've been reading Jamie Jensen's book/site Roadtrip USA. You should know that while there is nothing wrong with using that as a guide, no one is going to know what you are talking about if you refer to US-20 as the Oregon Trail. That one is a particularly difficult name because the route doesn't really go anywhere near the Oregon Trail used by the early explorers of the American West. That's also certainly not the only option you'd have, so don't get pulled into thinking that the 10 routes listed by Jamie are the only or even the best 10 roadtrips you can take in the US.

    It is a very full 3 days from Miami to Chicago, so that can be done. Going to LA from Chicago via Yellowstone and San Francisco is another 6 days on the road, and that's at interstate speeds. You'll need to factor in more time if you are traveling on 2 lane roads plus whatever time you want to spend in those cities and parks. As I said, it can be done, but you're not going to have a lot of time to linger at any one place.

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    ok, i took your advice and added a couple of extra days. will have 14 days to make it from miami to chicago to san francisco to los angeles. the first leg of the trip (miami to chicago) i will take interstate hwy in order to maximize the second leg of the trip. so... will be leaving chicago early on the 5th day, meaning i will have aprox 10 days to make it to la from chicago. what do you think?

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    Default More time is always better!

    Glad you could add the days.

    10 days should give you plenty of time to take secondary roads and explore a bit. You still won't have time to explore many places in great depth but this should be sufficient for a fairly leisurely pace.

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    Default Timing.

    It is doable and you will have a little time to see things along the way but not huge amounts of time to go off the beaten track, so I guess it depends on what you want from the trip? I would estimate that you will be driving for 6-7 hours a day between Chicago and LA, every day. If you want a couple of days in Yellowstone for instance you will then be looking at driving closer to 8 hours a day in my estimation. Just one extra day, say in SF for instance and you will be on the road nearer to 9 or 10 hours a day which is close to our recommended max for multi day trips.

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