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    Hello! I am looking for advice on a route and/or attractions for a road trip from Sarasota,Florida to Ludington (north of Grand Rapids), MI. We will be traveling with our 5 children aged 1.5 years to 9 years old. We made this trip last summer, attempting to drive mostly overnight when the kids were asleep, but we were exhausted when we got to MI. We were think of traveling early in the day and making stops at attractions or getting into the hotel early enough for a swim. We usually stay at the Hampton Inn because they do not charge additionally for the children and the rooms are clean. We also need wifi because I am in school and need access to the internet.

    Does anyone have advice on the best route? Are there any attractions that would be worth stopping for? The kids are all nature lovers, but also enjoy amusement parks and museums.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTriop America forums!

    And thanks for the hard earned (I'm sure!) words of wisdom on traveling with young children. As you've already discovered, it's best in such cases to stop often during the day for short out-of-car 'adventures' and to retire for the day relatively early in order to avoid meltdowns, particularly over multi-day driving trips. For your upcoming trek, then, I'd recommend the most direct route possible, with stops every couple of hours for some quick nature hikes and just some run-around time.

    The most efficient route is I-75 up to Chattanooga, use I-24 to connect with I-65 in Nashville, and then from Gary take US-31 (duplexed with I-94/I-196 in parts) up to Ludington. And although not every road you'll be using is covered in these lists, they should give you a good idea of what's available for scenic outdoor stops near the highways.

    You should be looking at a minimum of three days to cover the 1,400 miles involved, and yes, an early start with 2-3 stops during the day should still let you get into your motel before sunset each evening with a bit less than 500 miles under your belt.


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    US-31 from Indy to Benton Harbor will save you some miles and keep you out of the Chicago traffic, my mapping program actually says it's 25 minutes faster (take that with a grain of salt). I show the 2 logical overnight stops around Atlanta and Louisville.

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    Thanks so much-we leave next week!

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