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    So, my mom and I are planning a road trip from our home in Monterey to Portland. This is going to be our only summer trip, so we'd like to pack as many things into the trip up there as we can. Here's the catch: we've been looking into getting a pug puppy, and we found the perfect one outside of Portland. The breeder doesn't like to ship if it can be avoided, so that means that we get to pick her up and drive her home. We hardly ever get to travel, so I have no idea what is worth seeing north of San Francisco. 101/I5 seems to be the fastest, but it doesn't sound all that interesting. I'm desperately in need of suggestions!

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    I would probably go over the Golden Gate and get on CA-1, take that to the end in Leggett, then take 101 the rest of the way. It's over 900 miles, and I'd allow at least 3 days. Then, you can take I-5 back home with the pup.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    How long have you got for the trip ? I like glc's idea of enjoying the coast on the way up, seing some Redwoods and coastal towns and taking a more direct route home with the pup as you don't know how quickly it will settle with you, although you could visit Crater Lake with a small detour.

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