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    Hello. I'd like to to travel from LA to (maybe SF) Portland - Seattle. On the way up I would like to see some beautiful mountain scenery. Which is the best route to go? Highway 395, 99 or I-5? On my way back I would like to see the ocean front. Any suggestions for that?


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    It all depends how much time you have. The best scenery both ways will involve slower roads. You also need to consider whether you actually want to stop and explore various attractions.

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    Default What do you want to see?

    101/CA-1 are no-brainers for seeing the coast. It's a lovely drive. You'll want two days for the LA-SF leg, and a good three days for the SF-Portland leg. Of course, these are minimums. You could easily spend a few weeks on this trip but those time-frames give you enough time to see the highlights and do a bit of exploration along the way.

    Once you get past the Mt. Shasta area, 395 isn't really a mountain road. In Oregon, it's high desert country.

    Without doing a bit more research, I'm unsure that you can actually travel exclusively on 99 the entire route as it was decommissioned and mostly replaced by I-5, especially in Oregon.

    I think it makes more sense to determine what sights you want to see and then create a route that takes you to those places rather than follow just one road during this part of your trip.

    It's pretty hard to do a mountain route from LA-Seattle without criss-crossing from other roads back-and-forth to I-5 several times. This route will give you a fair amount of mountainous areas combined with high-desert country and would be a beautiful drive.

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    Sorry I haven't been on here for a while. I only have 2 weeks to do this trip, but that should be enough time.
    I was never at the west coast other than for layovers at the airport. So I don't really know what parts are worth exploring. Anyways I don't want this trip to get too complicated.
    Is it worth driving along west coast all the way from Seattle to LA or can I skip part of it, for instance if the scenery repeats a lot.

    Thank you by the way for the info's you have provided me so far!

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