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  1. Default Budget Summer Road Trip - 2 Weeks

    Two friends and I are trying to put together a road trip before we all go off to college. We are great friends looking for a good time before we go our separate ways.

    We will be driving a Nissan Versa from Naples, Florida to Saranac, New York and we have a budget of around $600-700 each, but the cheaper we make it the better. It's a fairly low budget for such a long road trip, hence why I am here. Once we get up there, we have a place to stay for 4-5 days. Ages are 18, 18, and 21.

    What I'm looking for is suggestions for things we can do on the way and once we are up there. It has to be cheap though. We all enjoy the out doors, so anything along those lines would be great.

    Any suggestions for places to stop would be great. Or maybe recommend a different trip altogether, I know it's a long way to drive on such a small budget.

    First time road trip for all of us, so suggestions and opinions are highly welcome. Thanks.

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    For planning purposes, you are looking at a 1600 mile drive each way via fastest and shortest route. That is not the way I'd take because it involves going through all the big cities and it also involves toll roads. I would plan on budgeting for a 2000 mile drive each way and 3 nights on the road. I would guess a Versa will get about 30 mpg, plan on $3/gal to be safe, so that's $400 for gas, round trip. Plan on about $500 for hotel rooms, so that's $900 to cover gas and lodging for the whole trip. Of course, you can cut that down by camping, which you may enjoy more anyway. Add to that what you think your food and incidentals will cost you. It looks to me like you will have sufficient funds to have an enjoyable trip.

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    Default An Alternative Route

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As glc points out, the 'direct' route, basically I-95, is not your best choice for the trip you say you want. Take a look instead at using I-26/I-77 up through the Carolinas to I-81 which will take you all the way up to Watertaon, NY on a much more scenic alignment. From there it's a great drive through Adirondack State Park to Saranac on NY-3. At nearly 1700 miles, I also agree that you should take 3 days one-way. The other thing to do is to get out of the car several times each day for a half hour to an hour. The Versa is a pretty small car for three full sized men and no matter how friendly you all are now, too much togetherness WILL put a strain on you.


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    If you take that basic routing - which is what I had in mind - and have time to kill, you can take the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive, which basically parallels I-81. It is NOT a fast road - the speed limit for the BRP is 45 and Skyline is 35.

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    It's all about the trip, so scenic routes are great. Thanks for all the suggestions so far as well.

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    Here is a basic route I've got planned out. If you have any suggestions to improve I'm all for it.

    I-75 to I-10 to Jacksonville
    I-95 to I-26 in S. Carolina
    I-26 to I-77 in S Carolina
    I-77 to I-81 in Virginia
    I-81 to Route 66 into Washington DC
    I-95 to New York City

    If I didn't mention it before, we want to make a stop at Washington DC, none of us have been so it should be interesting.

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    1. Take I-4 to get from I-75 to I-95. Another option is stay on I-75 to Knoxville, then I-40 to I-81.

    2. If you don't have to go to NYC, don't. Take something else to get back to I-81 to get upstate. I'd probably take I-270 to Frederick, then US-15 to Harrisburg - with a stop at Gettysburg. The I-95 corridor from DC to Boston is mostly toll roads and VERY congested, especially near the cities. It is not an enjoyable drive. To get upstate from NYC, you have to take I-87, which is also a toll road. NYC can be a budget buster, DC is bad enough.

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    Default I-95 construction

    There is a lot of road work on I-95 and a lot of hold-ups and go-slows, in the vicinity of NYC, and according to daughter in NJ, has been going on for some time, and not due to end anytime soon.

    I'd avoid the area at all costs.

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    We will avoid NYC for the time being, we've all been there before. Thanks for the tips so far. :)

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