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    Default western NC to Milwaukee and back with kid

    We are driving to my in-laws in Milwaukee from western North Carolina with our 8-year-old daughter on July 1. Any tips or suggestions for things to see along our drive? Thanks.

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    Default a long slog

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I take it when you say that you are planning to travel on July 1, that you mean you hope to do this entire trip in one day?

    It can be done, but expect a very long day on the road. Expect at least 13-14 hours in the best case, but with a child, I would recommend stopping more frequently just to get out of the car for a little while. Trying to drive 750 mile in one day is more than we recommend, but it can be done over a one day sprint, it just isn't going to allow any time for stops at fun sights or attractions along the way.

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    Thanks for the welcome!
    We have no timeframe for getting there and are willing to make stops to see some cool stuff. We've never driven there before; we've always flown in the past cause we used to live in South Florida. I'd like to take advantage of our time on the road to see any interesting sites along the way, if possible.

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