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    We are landing in Denver in the morning and renting a car. We are heading up to Keystone SD and plan on seeing Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Custer Park. We would like to see the Badlands and then head west to Little Big Horn. Any suggestions along the way? Hoping to spend the last 2 days in Colorado. Was told to see Vail and Rocky Mountain Natl Park. Do I even have time for all of this? Would love suggestions on sites, restaurants and lodging. Thanks

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    Some of my favorite RoadTrips have involved a slower pace on smaller roads and taking time to see sites that the majority of people pass by in their rush to get to a few "must see" locations. Your trip is a good case in point. Yes, you should see Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, the Little Bighorn and Rocky Mountain National Park, but consider some of the following alternatives. From Denver up to the Rapid City area take a look at going through western Nebraska and South Dakota on smaller roads like NE-71 from Kimball up to Scotts Bluff National Monument, NE-29 to Agate Fossil Beds National Monument and Oglala National Grassland before connecting via US-20 east to US-385 north into the Black Hills. Don't forget a visit to Devils Tower on your way west. But to answer your other question: Yes, you can do all that in 8 days. After all, you'll only have to spend 2½ to 3 days driving to cover the 1300 miles or so needed to complete your trip.

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