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  1. Default Driving from Charlotte, NC to Buffalo, NY

    I am planning to drive from Charlotte,NC to Buffalo,NY for the long weekend on Memorial Day. Planning to start on thursday evening / Friday morning.

    Can anybody suggest the preferred route and also night stay options en-route?

    Any other suggestions, cautions are also welcome.


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    At 660 miles, you might be able to make that drive in one day if you are very used to long haul driving and don't mind being somewhat tired the next day. That also means that if you'd like to make it an easier drive, a day and a half or two days would be plenty, and you could break it up with an overnight almost anywhere on the way that's convenient for you. for reference, your route would be I-77 north to West Virginia. There you can either go all the way into Charleston to pick up I-79 or use US-19 as a shortcut from Beckley up to Sutton. I 79 will take you up to Erie, PA where you'll pick up I-90 to Buffalo. Halfway is roughly Weston, WV.


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    Thanks for the info.

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